Source for AA Lithium Primary cells?

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Source for AA Lithium Primary cells?

I recall a thread some time back that mentioned a more budget-friendly alternative to the expensive Energizer Lithium AA primary cells. I’ve searched the site and scanned through the “Consumable Batteries” subforum, but haven’t been able to locate that thread. Anyone recollect or know a good source?

I have a game/trail camera I have setup on my property for security camera duty. This camera uses 8x AA cells. When I first installed the camera last March, it cost about $20 to purchase the Energizer cells. Those cells lasted about 9 months before dying, as I discovered when I pulled the memory card a couple of days ago. I am happy with the performance of these cells, but am open to alternative sources that are more affordable. Of course, shipping might end up killing the deal, in which case, I’ll just buy next time I’m at Wal-Mart.

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A cheap source for 16 Energizer

Here in Germany there are a few cheaper brands

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Amazon sells 8 packs of Energizers for $11.99 with free shipping if you have Prime:

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Battery junction sells powerizer primary lithium primaries.

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Are the powerizers comparable to the Energizers?

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Nice price Pete, with subscribe and save it can go down to $10.19 for 8 with free shipping. $1.27ea

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Unless it gets really cold, why use Lithium over a good quality alkaline anyway? At low current applications (I assume as it lasted 9 mths) they would be withing 300-500mah of each other at well under half the price. Lithium really shines when currents start to get up to over 1 amp or it is sub zero temps.

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Man those lithium primaries go so quick when they deplete…I mean you literally get left in the dark when they give it up. Only con with them in my experience.