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Convoy M2 quad is my favorite.

Thanks for the GAW.

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I own several flashlights
Astrolux S2 is one of my favorites…
Thanks for the giveaway

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Will a link work?

This light by DBCustom:


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I really like the ‘Ace of Spades’ Convoy S2+

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This mod was one of my favorite.


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My favorite mod: EE X6 XP-L V6 3D triple 11,3A
(by ZozzV6)

Petroleum Lante...
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I know it’s vain, but I really liked emarkd’s lighted orange tailcap, which can be seen in this post

I love the blue one on my x5, but now I’m already trying to justify buying something in copper just try and get an orange lighted tailcap for it Wink (the only copper I have is an astrolux S1, and that doesn’t even have a tailcap Big Smile )

I love all kinds of lights... storm lanterns, kosmos & matador lamps, gas lanterns, tallow lanterns, flashlights, lasers, tritium vials...

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Loving multi emitter lights!

My favorite modded light (by RMM, not a modder myself):

With a cozy warm 5D tint.

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XXX-Man wrote:

My favourite one, would like to own something like this.

All credits to Rufusbduck

I will second XXX-Man on this one.

You just can’t beat the warmth and beauty of natural wood.


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In recent memory CRX’s 18500 shorty jumps out in my mind in a practicality/feature rich sense. I hope he doesn’t mind me linking his mod here. At the very least I won’t steal one of his pictures & post it up.

In terms of pure visual eye candy their have been tons(CRX of course has made a few of these gems too.)

EDIT – & FYI I was the winner of WillyD’s beauty. Despite owning more than a few lights that light lives in the flashlight carrier of my Maxpedition Fatboy bag that I only take out periodically during nighttime. It serves it’s role awesomely because that light is always visible at night no matter what I’m fumbling around with. Being a tube light it was never intended to throw greatly but so far it gives very decent illumination on whatever I needed it light up. In my mind it’s the perfect tube light to live in that tube holster of my nighttime bag. Thanks again WillyD!

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This creation by CRX is not really a mod. I think of it as a full build: Olight TC15T
I have the original from a clearance-sale, and all I do is spit-polishing it (considering the listprice in NL was nearly $200).

If you think you have seen these lines before: you are right. But naming the best mod I know leaves me with two choices:
a/ pick one of the dozens of magnificent mods by one of our über-talented BLF-members, or
b/ stick by the one I have named a few days before. And thats what it is.

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Khuan wrote:
My naked S2+ with MT-G2 with single cell boost driver

Hey, where did you find the boost driver
i am finding it nearly a year

Forgot my pen

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Blackwater SR71 Ti Nichia 219C 4000K.

Thank you for the giveaway!

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Lost my favorite Convoy S2+ nichia 219c triple with blf a6 driver

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Well done on your 1000 Thumbs Up

I can’t decide which light, i love them all the same Big Smile

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Big Smile
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I like a nice building: Cula Shadow JM30

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I’m not a modder but I like this mode



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Polished BTU bezel

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My current favorite mod is a Convoy C8 (shelf,) with a sliced XHP50 and semi-functioning A6 driver from banggood, powered by a SolarStorm, 2S battery holder. Current is about 3A to the driver. This is my long, night ride/ no streetlights, bike light!

(UGH, yes, I do see the annoying spec of solder on the LED! It’s driving me nuts just watching the pic! lol)

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This build is beautiful inside and out!

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convoy s2+ 18350 triple xp-e2

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One of my all-time favorites was OL’s 12-up from simple Maglites. Probably because I grew up using those on Scout trips and it’s always fun to see them modded to shine like the sun. Also bc OL is an awesome person, RIP.

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Nichia’s triple is my favorite mod.
Still waiting for custom pill Sad

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My current favorite:

On The Road i3 16340 zoomie, modded with N219C 90CRI, and FET driver.

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My Convoy S3 Triple.




https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwuQDpNlJO24dlpkWHZxd0Nsem8/view?usp=sh... Hope I'm not to late. Wish it was easier to post pics here.


Wondering why you can't just drag and drop ? It's only a picture.

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I am an aficionado of high CRI and neutral tint. The Nichia 219B is one of my favorite emitters. Unfortunately, the 219B is not all that bright. That's why I like the mods that put 3 or 4 together, making for lots of floody, high-CRI wonderfulness.

The triples and quads that BLF member ven uses at work and home are some of my favorites. Built around the P60 host, they are useful, work-a-day flashlights, perfect for close-range viewing both indoors and out.

Here is a pic from ven's introductory thread:

ven wrote:
Few pics of triples off the top of my head

ven's triples and quads

Not all ven's triples and quads are mods, but many are. My favorites are the mules.




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my favourite mod is Novatac triple with luxrc driver

Credit to Flucero28 @ cpf

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We have a winner !

Random.org choose number 46, that makes CRX our Lucky winner of what will seem a stock light for such a great modder lol !
Now to think about what he’ll make of this one Wink

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