7000 Post Giveaway - ImA4Wheelr (w/RMM Sponsoring) - Winner is Boaz

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Congratulations Boaz Party

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Thanks ImA4WheelR Thumbs Up

Thanks Richard Thumbs Up

Congrats Boaz!!! PartyBeer

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Damn, I had my shopping cart ready to go Big Smile
Well done boaz Thumbs Up

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Congrats Boaz, mods are good for you.

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Congrats Boaz, and thanks ImA4Wheelr for the giveaway!

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Wow … am I’m like the luckiest person on the planet ? This is a very nice prize . I’m like a kid in a candy store thank-you so much .. one thing’s for sure .. I cherish and have special fondness for lights I’ve won off this forum ..

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Yes, congrats Boaz! And thanks again to ImA4Wheelr and Richard for a great giveaway. Despite me not winning Crying , I’m still proceeding with my RMM mod parts for my Convoy C8. That’ll make me feel better.

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Congrats Boaz! Have fun shopping. Party Thanks again ImA4Wheelr for the giveaway!

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Congrats winner
Thanks for the GAW, dang I totally missed the edit for SB entry , such nice gesture, thanks for that!

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Nice idea for a giveaway ImA, and nice win Boaz!
When you did your 2 cent mod back then, who would have thought…………………… Thumbs Up