FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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In for 1 please.

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I’d be down for one!

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Possible one for me.

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Put me down for one as well, please.

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DB Custom wrote:
I know, I’m probably too much the technical perfectionist (or anal or something) but…

The tail cap is not meant to be taken off to change the cell, so why does it have knurling on it? With the design calling for the tube to be removed for a cell change the tube itself should have knurling to make it easier to take the sections apart. Right? Then that little groove on the tail cap could be left solid so the threads would be that much stronger.

I’m saying this because of the square threads at the head and the retaining ring on the driver. There are normal weaker threads on the tail cap and no retaining ring on the switch PCB, hence, battery swap through the top.

Is this something that can be addressed?

I’m so forgetful I’d forever and always be removing the tail cap to get to the cell, like all the other lights I own.

Good thoughts! The tailcap has knurling on it to improve the overall grip and also of course, to make it match to the head. The groove is just to have a clear stop for the knurling and the thickness of the wall is just as much as at other “thin” spots, so there is no decrease in durability there.

The reason the head is used to change the battery is because the head is larger which makes it easier to grip. The tailcap is very short and I think it wouldn’t be very easy to get a hold of it, especially with the clip besides it. Then you’d also have to be careful to not rotate the clip (so the anodizing doesn’t scratch off). That way I think it’s easier – construction-wise it’s also a little safer because then the driver is fixed in place, which is more important than the switch-PCB being held in place.

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aginthelaw wrote:
i’ll take one of each (assuming a copper and titanium version will follow). otherwise, just this one

heheh this is the A
Who knows when this is a success B C and T might follow. Brass Copper Titanium (dang that it is not called Ditanium :D, can somebody ask the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to change Ti to Di for us Wink ))
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Please add me to the list for 1, thank you.

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Put me in for one please.

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Wow awesome design Fritz The light is very well detailed.

Put me down for one please miller.

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Sign me up for one!

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Will update the list later!

tekmunki wrote:
I’d be down for one!

Welcome to BLF

CRX wrote:
Possible one for me.

aha I guess you have to figure out where to place the USB charging port and cool the XHP35 first now that you know the size of the tube to make that from brass Big Smile
Can’t wait on what you are going to do with it, from scratch and not special lights you create art, what would come from starting with something as the FW3A!
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Count me in for one, please.

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Please add me to the list for one. Thanks.

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Id be really keen if there was to be a Nichia 219C 4000k triple emitter version:


Would that be possible?

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Can you please add me to the list for one as well? Thanks.

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I’m in.

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Put me down for one piece pls. Thank you.

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Sign me up for one, quite interested.

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Put me down for one piece thanks.

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I’m in for 2!

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1 please

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I’ll go for one please.

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…I’m in for one. A triple the size of a sc63? Yes!

I would like to input on the design, add a bevel or chamfer on the middle portion of the body tube, and if the tailcap could use a magnet as a button plus a cutout for a ring magnet + trits, it would be heaven.

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DB Custom wrote:
djozz points at my initial thought, anyone realize how hot this will get and how fast it will do it? I’ll wager that on a good cell, in Turbo, you won’t be able to hold it in 20 seconds. Wink (Thermal step down not inclusive, it won’t run long in Turbo in other words, not long at all)

We’ve done some computation on that matter and these were rather promising. More data to follow as soon as we have the first prototypes. However, it should be clear that you can’t expect a light of that size with that output to be stable on turbo for extended periods..


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Ah yes, a space for a 6mm x 1.5mm trit in the tail would be nice, preferably in the switch but also maybe done as a keyring attachment point so theres an option.
Just a thought.

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In for one Thumbs Up

Overkill is just about enough!

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I am interested in 1.