Acebeam X45 Unboxing (UPDATE) Beamshots + Photos

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Acebeam X45 Unboxing (UPDATE) Beamshots + Photos

Hello everyone! Full disclosure right off the bat: I am not a reviewer, this is my first time doing anything like this before. I am just excited to finally receive my X45. I preordered it about 2 months ago. I’m not sure yet if it’s cool white (though it seems so) but it seems in the middle with like some have said, a hint of green but mine doesn’t seem as bad as some of the others.

I just have an unboxing video so far and have taken a few pics that I’ll post here or a link to imgur to keep this thread from being laggy. I’ll do some beamshot pics or a quick vid later tonight. There’s a baseball field behind my house and of course of all nights it currently looks like this:

Here it is but excuse my impeccably amateur cellphone unboxing:

Here is the back yard beamshot

Imgur album:

Acebeam X45
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It seems beastly, nice!

Let it shine, let it shine.

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I like the crown royal bags, I found out a long time ago. Usually if you find one with something in it, its usually something good : )

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Hello thegameisrigged, thx for the review.

Can you give me the exact diameter of the thread in the bezel? I need it to mount a photographic ring.
Maybe I can mount it inside the bezel or in its place?


Juls Boo / LIGht HunTer