I need help please with a sandwich modd:) Beam Tech 4000

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I need help please with a sandwich modd:) Beam Tech 4000

Hi, as some know i bought the BT 4000 triple xml, its pretty darn bright and i love the way it feels in my hand ,, as u know i have the dry and it is brighter , so i was told that sandwiching 2 of these drivers together would get me about the same brightness as the dry http://kaidomain.com/product/details.S020073 so i ordered them , im running king kong 26650 battery ,, i got how to do the parrallel thing ,, now im stuck , i dont know how to sandwich these drivers and wire it up ,, can some please help me , im not very knowledgeable with the lingo so please explain or better yet draw me a diagram for it also i would like to make it low medium high or the other way around is ok ,, i was told and read they have memory so any other usefull info. is much appreciated , thanks alot  


when i get this like the dry , or closer i will be happy , it feels better in my hand and looks cooler than the dry imho ,, the dry is just brighter ,, turbo is cool but just for show , lol not really much help for looking around as the high is great and bright enough 


thanks for any help and concerns Smile 


the copper trick does work and this light is worth the 50 bucks i paid because it is so much more comfortable to hold for my hands and i love the titanium color Wink

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I will have this thread finished when I get home from work late tonight. It should answer some of your questions.

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