Convoy Flashlights on FastTech

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Convoy Flashlights on FastTech

I’m looking to buy a Convoy S2 but Aliexpress doesn’t accept paypal. Are the ones sold on FastTech authentic?
Link to flashlight:

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You can go to AliExpress Convoy Store and talk with Simon Mao, explain what you want to purchase and let him know that you prefer to pay with PayPal. From then on, if he accepts, you make the normal purchase!

Here’s the link for the store, in case you don’t hav it:

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I have ordered from Fasttech many times, the light I received was authentic.

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Do the special order to Simon Directly to Convoy. Ask for the BLF Discount.
The trick is to make the order but do not Pay. That generates an invoice and he will give payment instructions.
You can make special requests on tail cap color, the new Biscotti interface with 12 modes, Orange peel reflector, Smooth reflector, AR glass. And ask for the switch spring bypass for a brighter light. Most are free upgrades or a couple bucks. The forum discount will make up for that.

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I would buy from Simon´s aliexpress shop directly in case you want to be sure to receive Convoy with biscotti driver. Otherwise it’s lottery I think.

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Apparently, Paypal is now again officially available as a payment method on Aliexpress, but the seller has to enable it.

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Have ordered Convoy hosts and they were legit.

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Thank you for your replies. I ended up ordering directly from Aliexpress just to be sure. Big Smile