SB56637, Thank You and Happy New Year!

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SB56637, Thank You and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to offer a word of appreciation for this site.

Of the several sites I frequent (relating to my far-too-many expensive interests) BLF is the friendliest, most co-operative and best run on-line community I’ve ever encountered.

Thank you, SB, and I wish you and all of the members here the best possible 2018.

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I agree, the BLF community is outstanding. The users on here are friendly, helpful, and the off-topic and arguing is kept to a minimum. It seems flashlights bring out the best in people Big Smile

Thank you to our admin for providing this great platform.

Happy New Year to everyone Smile

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Beer Party Tired Sick
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I too will add my gratitude, thanks SB. And happy New Years Beer

I’ll argue with the off-topic being kept to a minimum though Big Smile Silly

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Thanks SB and All the members here. Awesome place with people that are even better.

Happy New Year!!!!

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Everything the nice folks before me wrote is very true.
What more is there to say?
I wish all of you, and your loved ones, a happy and healthy 2018.

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Thumbs Up Thanks SB, and happy new year! Beer
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Happy new year everyone!

BLF ≠ B-grade Flashlight Forum


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same opinion from my side ! great forum here !! Thumbs Up

i discovered BLF forum only a few weeks ago after ordering a BLF Q8 and a BLF A6 from the saler’s comment section … Silly
(by the way, not my first lights, had already a couple o-lights and some others Blushing )

happy new year to all of you !! Party

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Thanks SB and to everyone a happy new year Big Smile

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SB, thanks for being you! Happy New Year my friend.

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Happy New Year everyone !

Thanks for another great year sb !

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Happy New Year,to SB and all members and to BLF itself Big Smile
It’s nice to be part of this almost 8 year family Party

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Thanks sb for another year of succesful and wise managing the ever growing BLF community.

And happy new year to you all! Party

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Thanks for all your work SB!

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if you do not find what you are looking for :

ask MARTIN@M4DM4X.COM - i will save you money!

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SB has managed to actually provide a forum where civility and decorum rule! on top of that it has some of the most knowledgeable members i have seen on the internet, all are welcome and treated with respect. congratulations and a heartfelt thank you!


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Hey everyone, best wishes for the coming year.
18 minutes to go…

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Happy New year everyone!

00:21 here.

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Happy New year everyone !
Wish you all bright 2018 Cool

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Happy New Year! Party

I agree with all the sentiments regarding SB and this amazing forum! This is truly the best website I’ve ever been on! Good job SB! Crown

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Thanks to everyone (especially SB) for making BLF such a great and usually friendly place!

raccoon city
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Happy New Year, BLF!

And thanks for being such a great moderator, Mr. Admin!

This is my favorite forum, and I have a lot of fun here.

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Have a safe New Year everyone!!


I found this. I like it. It's fitting for here.


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Happy New Year everyone and may your lost passions & enthusiasms be renewed return for 2018 Wink

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Happy New Year!! Smile

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Happy New Year. I have found what I am looking for…

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You going to mod that lantern? Big Smile

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Happy New Year everyone Party

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Let me add my thanks as well, and best wishes for the new year.

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Happy New Year and best wishes for a brighter and well focused year.