utorch Ut02

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utorch Ut02

Has anybody purchased one of these lately. The output seems to be lower. the button is a little squishy compared to older models. Does anybody know hat’s going on??

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I don’t have UT02 but my best guess would be = high demand.


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Got my 3rd lights from gearbest and the quality has gone down hill Sad

Battery tube doesn’t fit tightly/flush with the head and led is not center which gives ugly artifacts

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I think they might have lowered the output a little. You can check the amps at the tail on this and compare to published reports. (Also, of course, NW will be a little less bright.) Tailcap amps should answer as long as you use a good cell. There were some reports that they had throttled it down a bit last year.

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I got one from GB last month, seems great to me. LED is well centered. I tested with long, thin leads, and still got over 3 amps. Guessing actual draw is over 4A. Probably the best bang/buck light I’ve ever purchased ($29).

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I just got one of these a week or so ago and put a battery in it today. I’m impressed with fit and finish, and surprised at the weight. I won’t be able to take it outside until later tonight, but the quality of the build is better than I expected. We’ll have to see if it holds together over the long run. The only annoyance is that long-press for OFF; since this is a special use light for me, rather than an everyday light, I can live with that.

It seems it’s a relatively heavy light, but I really like the balance and how it sits firmly in the hand. The weight distribution of the light is very nice. It’s quite a bit heavier than the Manker U22, and only part of that would be the 6000mAh battery. While heavier, it feels better in the hand to me, but I may change my mind if I had to lug it around too much. Smile

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Bought mine about 6 months ago and for the money it is outstanding

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