Recommend thrower for a friend, please.

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Recommend thrower for a friend, please.

He lives about 100 meters from a small wet-weather creek. During short periods of intense rain (think very heavy thunderstorms, or remnants of a hurricane moving across the area) said creek can rise fairly quickly, sometimes enough that some water may flow down the steps into his basement.

As long as utility power remains on his sump pump is fully capable of staying ahead of the flow. If utility power fails, he uses a generator to power the pump & other stuff.

If the rain event occurs in daylight he can see the water as is approaches his property, giving him plenty of time to prep the generator.

There's a streetlight between him & the creek that allows him to see the approaching water level at night, unless utility power has failed. This is where a good flashlight can be utilized.

I'm thinking a 100 meter thrower with minimum/no spill, on the warm/yellowish side to punch through rain & humidity haze the way fog lights penetrate.

Long runtime isn't an issue, only needing sporadic 10 - 30 sec. bursts to see where the water is.

H/M/L UI would be fine. No other modes needed, although moon would be OK. If blinkies, they need to be well-hidden.

Reasonably waterproof, just to tolerate a little exposure to rain.

He has no experience with Li-Ion but is a techie by temperament & could be easily educated. I'm thinking if Li-Ion, on-cell or onboard USB charging. If Li-Ion, LV protection is a must.

This light might sit unused for months or years though, so I'm thinking lithium primary cells might be a better option. He tests the generator periodically, and could incorporate flashlight testing/charging into his generator test regimen.



good 100 meter throw,

no/minimal spill,

yellowish output to penetrate heavy rain/humidity haze/fog,

easy, simple UI - blinkies not needed,

minimum, periodic runtime needed on High,

simple cell use/maintenance,

needs to work on a moment's notice after long-term storage.


Thanks for your assistance, all.

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Convoy c8 in neutral white tint can get it from mtnelectronics it will do 100 yards easily.they have one slightly warmer then nw at t6 4c tint. But if he orders directly from Simon on aliexpress he can get a xpl hi version with a ww emitter in it and new driver. Or a number of people on here probably will build one or have one for sale. I have a couple c8 hosts right now

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This sounds like a job for the Emisar D1S (5D tint). It does have LVP, and topping off the cell once a year doesn’t seem like excessive maintenance to me.

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Seconding the D1S. Best throw for the dollar. Just remember that it can be locked out at the tailcap and long term storage shouldn’t be an issue.

If you want something with built in charging the upcoming Thrunite Catapult V6 is a beast. Special mention to the Wowtac A3S for being extremely economical. Though the battery has to be removed for charging.

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I think this thread might be of some interest to you.

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Thanks for the responses everyone.

I've got a spare C8a right now, and I'll order two of these in ww to compare before gifting:

Great... Carnac the Magnificent tells me I just signed up for yet another expensive hobby.

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Look on EBAY. Divers lights.
I bought a “ELFELAND” 3 x XM-L6 with 2 × 18650 cells.
Magnetic On\Off slider sw.
110% waterproof. $16.50 AUD del.
Lives on boat. use regularly in pool with kids playing.
3 or 4 yrs now. dropped multiple times.
Great beam both flood with decent throw.

Another quality, Solid as. cheap torch and heavy as.
I’ll look up dealer tomorrow if you want.