-X3- 4 years 2K posts quadruple giveaway has ended. WINNERS DRAWN !

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-X3- 4 years 2K posts quadruple giveaway has ended. WINNERS DRAWN !

Back in 2014, I joined this forum to make my first Convoy S2 “mod” with an XM-L2 T6-4C, and a Nanjg 105 6*7135 driver…
Then it all went downhill, I was bit for sure…
Bought a Tank007 E09, then the now overmodded CNQG brass beauty…
I learnt about modding, new lights, was approached by Olight to make reviews, then more manufacturers…
And the collection grewn, I now have about 70 lights everywhere in the house, it really is a passion and I can’t explain it to anyone but BLFers (well, I tried but frowning is the most common reaction).

So it’s been 4 years…

4 years of discussions, trying, new products, new LEDs, new drivers, new must-haves !

Now I want to thank the community, in the BLF way : the giveaway !

4 lights were chosen :

First prize
Olight S30RII : 1000 lumens, side clicky, magnetic charging, 18650 proprietary battery and a wonderful UI

Second prize
Olight S1-mini : the compact EDC from my favorite brand, 16340, side clicky, best UI, TIR lens, 500 lumens in a thumb sized pocket rocket

Third prize
Olight M1T : The backup light, simplest UI from recent Olight products but a unique double helix machining, a usable 20 lumen low mode and 500 blasting lumens frome the high mode when needed ! Special mention to the reversible pocket clip !

Fourth prize
Nitefox ES10K : classy SS AA flashlight, warm XP-G2, perfectly machined body with a grippy knurling and a good clip (and some light similarities with the Thrunite T10 Wink )

This giveaway is open to everyone who joined before today (03/07/18), though for financial reasons I’ll ask to non-EU members to pay for extra shipping… sorry Sad

So, tell me, WHO’S IN ???

EDIT : Four random numbers will be drawn at the end, and the winners will be gifted with the corresponding light in the list above.
The giveaway ends at my BLF cakeday : 16th of July 9:28 GMT

The giveaway is now finished, the four winners are drawn !

Post #68 was the original winner but said he was out, so post #151 is the winner of the Olight S30RII, congratulations to slickpenguin I’ll contact you by PM Smile
Post #133 comes in second place, congratulations to vaping for he wins the Olight S1-mini ! PM incoming of course Smile
Post #72 own the third place, the winner of the Olight M1T is gchart ! I’ll PM you in a few hours too :)-
Gchart has politely declined his prize for he has already too many lights and see no use of a new one (there’s still some sanity in this place after all !) I asked him to draw a new winner on Random.org and the new winner is Post #7 so congratulations to MascaratumB ! PM incoming of course
Post #14 is last but not least and will be granted with a Nitefox ES10K, congratulation to nottawhackjob for the shortest reply to a giveaway ;) I’ll PM you- Nottawhackjob declined his prize, and next in line from EU (as he asked) is post #157 so Sukoi is the winner of the fourth prize, congratulations !

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i am in,thanks!

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Hey! Congrats on 4 years and 2000k. Always enjoy your input, you made me do my first led reflow (in my S mini), still use it daily.

I Am in!

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who joined before today July 3rd? i’m in if I understand that correctly Big Smile

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And I’m in!

Thanks for the opportunity!

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I found by “accident” the BLF when I was searching a proper light for mon vélo. Smile Started too with a Convoy S2+ but still a beginner.
A very interested one in flashlights. Smile
So, I’m in. Smile

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I am in Wink
Thanks for the GAW and for the contributions given in all these years here and on Youtube Cool
Congrats mate!

EDIT: If I win anything, I’ll pay or at least share costs with you, even being on EU Wink

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Félicitations et merci beaucoup pour la chance de participer au concours giveaway! Meilleures salutations de l’Allemagne. Smile

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“ X3 “ people like you make BLF a great place to enjoy a fun hobby. So many members here continue to carry the Torch behind “ Old Lumens “ and all the early members who put this forum together. Thank You Beer I’m in Big Smile

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Thanks, count me in please

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I’m IN! Happy to pay shipping when I win

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Please count me in! I’ll pay the extra shipping if I win. Any one of those lights would be nice to have. Congratulations on four years of BLF madness! Evil And thanks for the giveaway! Party

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Wow you’re giving away some pretty high end lights, nice Shocked i have no problem with paying for shipping.

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Im in!

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I’m all in!

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Happy Modding X3.

I’m in.

Seeking the light.

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congrats for your 2k post and please put me in even though i was non EU (depend on the cost of shipment Wink )

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In, including the shipping.


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I’m in. Cool giveaway!

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Thanks for the opportunity. I am in!

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Keep up the good work X3 ! Thanks for the GAW! I’m in !

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Count me in, and thanks for hanging around!

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I am in. Will gladly pay the shipping if I win

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I’m in (if the shipping is not too much)


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I’m in and thanks!

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I’m in!

Thanks for the giveaway! Cool

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Count me in! Thanks for the giveaway! One of these would compliment the Olight UC charger nicely.

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I am in.

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Congratulations -X3- on your 4 year, 2000 post milestone. Count me in.

Hopefully I'm not too late. Could not find anything about an end-date.

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