Review Acebeam T36 Hunting Kit

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Review Acebeam T36 Hunting Kit


The Acebeam T36 Hunting Kit was sent to me directly by Acebeam for the review.

For the description and technical data of the house:




The Acebeam T36 is a compact and powerful double switch tactical flashlight, which develops a maximum power of 2000 lumens and its beam reaches a distance of up to 303 meters.


It is equipped with the CREE XHP 35 HI LED and offers 5 levels of brightness plus strobe mode.

The Acebeam T36 is powered mainly by a rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery of 5100 mAh (included in the package) and is equipped with an integrated charging with integrated USB-C connector that makes charging faster (up to 3 times compared to normal charging USB). Aggressive bezel, water tightness (5 meters) and the practical side switch make it an ideal torch for many uses including the daily one.


The initial impressions, just taken in hand, are good. You immediately notice the excellent quality of Acebeam T36 then confirmed during the use of the torch. The version sent for review, Hunting Kit, is sold in a plastic case complete with accessories such as color filters and remote switches.




LED: 1*Cree XHP35 HI LED (6000K) with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Max. output 2000 lumens by using 1*21700 battery(included)

Ultra Low: 1 lm, 20 days

Low: 200 lms, 10 hours

Med: 500 lms, 4.2 hours

High: 1350~650 lms, 5 minutes + 2.4 hours

Turbo: 2000~650 lms, 1.5 minutes + 2.5 hours

Strobe: 1350 lms, 3.8 hours


Max. runtime: 20 days

Max. beam distance: 303 meters

Peak beam intensity: 23000cd

Impact resistant: 1.2 meters

Waterproof: under water 5m


Aircraft grade aluminum body structure

Premium Type III Hard Anodized Anti-abrasive finish

Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating

Strobe mode for tactical emergency use

Smooth reflector for max. light output

Tactical knurling for firm grip

Streamlined body design

Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max. performance and long time time Specially designed for military, law enforcement, self-defense, hunting, search and rescue and outdoor activities.

Size: 145mm (Length) x 30mm (Head Dia.) x 25.4mm (Body Dia.)

Weight: 113g without battery.





The packaging:


The Hunting Kit version of the T36 arrives in a rigid plastic case. Very well kept the case of small size despite the rich baggage of accessories. The case, as you can see, is the same one used also for the L16 and L30 versions in Hunting Kit format.




Acebeam T36 with Removable Clip inserted

21700 5100 mAh Rechargeable Battery

USB-C cable

FR50 Red filter

FR50 Green filter

ARPS-R02 Remote Pressure Switch

18650 Battery Adaptor

Nylon Holster



Rubber button cap

Manual and Warranty




The battery supplied with the T36 is a 21700 5100 mAh Li-ion battery. This format is reaching a good popularity and its use offers, with dimensions slightly larger than a 18650, much more additional capacity.



In the box we find the adapter to use, with the T36, 18650 batteries. This adapter fits perfectly into the battery compartment of the Acebeam T36. In the test carried out by me I used a samsung 30Q button top battery.

With the adapter it is also possible to use a pair of CR123 batteries.



The remote pressure switch is present in the package. The spiral cable has a length of 40 cm when it is wound in a spiral and 100 cm in length when it is expanded.

With the remote switch we can perform almost all the operations we do with the two T36 switches. Good construction and soft clicks of the buttons.



The FR50 filters in the package are red and green. They are threaded and screwed onto the threaded bezel of the Acebeam T36.



The holster supplied with the T36 is of good quality. Solid well-made, cordura with elastic sides and velcro closure, has a double loop, one with a button closure.

Is missing a D-ring that is usually presented at the top of the holster.

The T36 inserted in the case remains firm.





The removable clip supplied with the T36 is well made, very rigid and well anchored to the torch. It is long enough to lock the flashlight on a belt.



The Acebeam T36 handles well and has a fairly small size if we think it has a switch in the tail, removable ring on the head, 21700 battery and integrated charging.



The T36 consists of three parts: head, body and tail. In my example I managed to unscrew only the tailcap.
On the head of the T36 we have in evidence an unscrewable bezel, aggressive in shape, in stainless steel with double wire.
The smooth parabola has the CREE XHP35 HI LED in the center and the lens is in ultra-clear tempered glass with anti-reflection treatment.



On both sides of the head there are cooling fins, on the other two sides we find the Side switch and the USB-C charging socket.


While the Tactical tail switch in the queue is easy to find in the dark, for the lateral one we have some more difficulties being this plate. Good click of the button, soft and without hesitation. With the side switch we have full access to the use of the T36. Above the side switch we find a notification LED. This LED lights up to indicate the battery charge status.




On the opposite side of the side switch is the USB-C charging socket protected by a rubber stopper. This cap adhering perfectly allows the T36 to be immersed in water up to five meters.




The charging cable is one meter long and is supplied with the torch. When charging, the notification LED is red, when charging is completed it turns green. I was able to charge the 21700 battery supplied with the T36 up to 3.8v. USB-C (2 amp) fast charging takes three hours to fully charge the battery.




The central body of the Acebeam T36 is equipped with a diamond knurling for a firmer grip. Even here as seen at other times, we have a double tube to get the signal to both switches in the Acebeam T36. The writing on the torch is excellent and the tactical ring is well made. This is equipped with a hole for the lanyard and is kept still, not being screwed, by the clip and the tail cap. To remove it from the torch body, remove the sealing O-ring on the threads.

Good fillets as thick and well oiled.



Regarding the contacts, at the positive and the negative pole we have plated springs of reasonable thickness.



The tailcap of the Acebeam T36 has a knurled part to facilitate the maneuvers on it.

The Acebeam T36 has the possibility of electronic and mechanical locking by unscrewing the tailcap by a quarter of a turn.


The particular shape of the tail protects the T36 from accidental lighting and allows the torch to be placed in tail standing (candle).

The big rubber button has a particular texture for a good feeling.






The User Interface of the Acebeam T36 is simple. It is managed by two switches, one in the tail (Tactical Tail Switch) and one side (Side switch). We have five levels available plus the strobe.


Ultra Low 1lm

Low 200lm

Mid 500 lm

High 1350~650 lm - 5 minutes~2 hours 24 minutes

Turbo 2000~650 lm - 1.5 minutes~2 hours 30 minutes

Strobo 1350 lm





Click the side switch to ON/OFF.

When flashlight is OFF, press and hold the side switch for 1 second goes to Ultra Low mode.

When flashlight is ON, press and hold the side switch to cycle from Low – Med – High modes, loosen the switch at your selected mode. The cycled modes can be memorized.

Double click the side switch to access Turbo mode and Triple click  to access Strobe mode regardless the flashlight is ON or OFF.



Tap the Tactical Tail Switch for momentary on and click for constant activation at Turbo mode regardless what the status of flashlight is.

Please note if click the Tactical Tail Switch at first, any Side Switch operation is useless.


Lock Out:

When flashlight is OFF, press and hold the side switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight flashes and will be Locked Out. It is useless for side switch operation now but click the tactical tail switch still can access Turbo mode.

For Unlocked the flashlight, press and hold for 3 seconds the side switch and light at Ultra Low mode.


Low Battery Warning:

Please charge the battery when light flashes three time every 5 seconds.



Here we see the Acebeam T36 near at other torches:







Beautiful beam of the Acebeam T360 with a color temperature measured by me of about 6500K, without aberrations or strange dominance. Good shooting on the values declared by the house. The distance of the spill from the feet is approximately 90 cm.


Ultra Low and High at 30 cm.




The Acebeam T36 runtime was performed in a ventilated enclosed area, with a temperature of around 26 ° C. The battery used is the one supplied with the torch, a 210000 of 5100 mAh fully charged.

The first test was done with the T36 in Turbo mode (2000 Lm).

Good discharge curve. Let's see, after a minute and a half, a sudden lowering of the light output. This brightness was preserved until the end (200 minutes). Although the test was repeated twice, I could not see the low battery warning flashes.


The second test was done under the same operating conditions as the first but with the Acebeam T36 in High mode (1350 lumens). The runtime is excellent and, in this case, before flashing off, there were flashes (three every 5 seconds) of low battery warning.




Beamshot e Video:











The Acebeam T36 is another great product of Acebeam home enriched, in this case, by the beautiful Hunting Kit. During the trial week I could appreciate the solidity of the torch in the various operating situations. I like the tactical button in the queue to get instantaneous access to the turbo and the possibility, with the side switch, to have instantaneously the Ultra Low 1 lumen and the Strobo.
Good Runtime and the quality of the T36 beam.

Thank you for reading the review.

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Thanks for the review! Thumbs Up

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Thanks for this review, I order this light waiting for arriving. Looks promising ,good looking wel built light.
Why we dont here more about this light? Only one good review on you tube.
I like it in every way… next light wil be the T27 also from Acebeam, looks great to.