BLF A6 vs Astrolux S1 Question

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BLF A6 vs Astrolux S1 Question

Anyone purchased these recently? Is there a difference in quality, look and feel?

As I understand they are identical and the 1st production was impeccable but there were issues with later productions.

This would be a gift purchase so don’t want to have any quality issues that would need repair or replacement.

There is a nice deal for them now: A6 for $16.99 and the S1 for $17.99 (includes a 18350 tube)
or should I just get the one from Neal, he has it for $29.99.

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I just bought two BLF A6's (3D and 5A).

No operational issues, anodizing is uniform and not chalky. The two are indistinguishable, except for the color of the emitter.

I can't find anything to complain about, though I had the same concerns as you.

I also got two Astrolux C8's (XPL HI 3A and 3B), which have different shades of anodizing (even on one unit) and obviously inconsistent head dimensions.

I know you were looking at S1's..

The switches on the A6's are firm and distinct, the C8's are soft feeling, just like the Convoy S2+ - all work as expected.

I like all of them for what I paid, but to answer your question, in my experience, the BLF A6 seem to have the edge over Astrolux in manufacturing consistency.

Purchased from Feb 2019.

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Update -

On one of the BLF A6's, I noticed that the anodization was not adequately removed from the tailcap where the end of the body tube meets it.

It's no longer making contact, so I requested a replacement from B..good.


Maybe not the best choice of you're only buying one as a gift.


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If you want the real original BLF A6, get the Manker version. The original was made by Manker for Banggood. The rest are knock-offs IMO.

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I recently purchased the Astrolux S1 with the 18350 tube, and the 18650 tube. It is well built.