Nealsgadgets' GIVEAWAY! 3 prizes: Fireflies PL47, Lumintop GTMicro and Seeker NS22. Winners posted!

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Tank you for the giveaway!


A very compact and powerful flashlight I like very much. It is more handy and usable then I thought from the beginning.
A relatively expensive high end product, but it’s worth it!


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Thanks for the GAW!

I want To win this prize:

If I win I want to win that one if possible.

Thanks again.

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The Fireflies PL47

This one certainly looks very interesting
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Overkill is just about enough!

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The PL47 is one of my favourites PL47 If it weren’t for the problems I would already have bought one.
Thank you for the kind giveaway.

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I hope that Neal can get some flashlights with the neutral white SST40. For example, I would be considering to buy this flashlight if it was available in neutral white: . Thank you for the giveaway, all the prices are great! Cool

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Fireflies E07 6900LM 21700 Flashlight – Nealsgadgets

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I like the Fireflies PL47. I just wished it could be cheaper. It’s like an angled hotrod and I like it to be handsfree

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I like this NiteCore Explorer EC4GTS, I think it is bad##$.


Ford Prefect
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I really like the Fireflies PL47 angled light. I am finding this style more and more useful and the PL47 having so many emitter options and having Anduril stock gets a Thumbs Up .

This one will definitely be on my short list to buy.

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poor english

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I’ve been eyeing one of those D4s for a while. I’ve placed two orders from Neal and been very happy with his service. Thanks for the giveaway too!

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Thanks for the giveaway Tatasal and Neal. 

For me it would be the FIREFLIES E07 

One of these:

Probably the brown with XPL HI for max output!

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mk23 wrote:
i have been eyeing at THRUNITE CATAPULT for a while. May be Neal should carry more smaller Thrunite AA flashlight. I have wanted to try those for quite a while but can’t find anywhere to buy that ship to Asia. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love thrunite products and my newest TC15 did not disappoint. However, I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on the Catapult because there are so many competing lights for less $$. Examples are Astrolux Ft03, Lumintop GT Mini, Emmisar D1S and the Lumintop ODL20C which i have seen beamshots and slightly outperforms it. Do you have the Catapult and can you speak from experience?

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Here is a pic and a link to the 30Q batteries, I bought 2 with my last light and wish I had got 4 more. They are my favorite battery right now

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It would be an Emisar D4S with XP-L HI V2 3A in gray or green

Thanks for the GAW

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BLF GT 2*26650 size to fill the gap between the large original and mini (and micro)

I would be very happy with such a light.

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Count me in and thanks

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The Olight I3E is a great key-chain light you might consider carrying

Count me in

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I’d love for Neal to carry the YLP Panda 2M CRI. It looks like a good light, but a lot of people aren’t comfortable ordering from a new source.

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The Emisar D4s looks really nice.

Thanks for the giveaway.
All prizes in this GA have been on my radar, especially the PL47.

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I’m in!

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Always wanted a Nitecore Concept 2 or even the TM10K for the form factor but can’t justify the price. They’re nice but I could get some really nice lights for that price.

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I love my Amutorch X9 but would really enjoy a D4S grey with amber Aux and 3000K SST20

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Count me in for this GAW please.

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I’m in for this please! Bought a D4S from Nealsgadgets and it’s awesome, my local postal service took long to get it to me but Neal does what he says he will on time which is great!

A range of lights I think the store could stock is Sofirn maybe? Why not also start offering some of the exotic drivers being designed/made by BLF members for the less capable modders?