Next Generation of Rechargeable Battery

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Next Generation of Rechargeable Battery
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I discussed this article with Mooch a few days ago, I found it interesting, but according to Mooch nothing beats liquid electrolytes, I’m just quoting what he told me (rather than interpreting).

That’s what he said to me:

Mooch said: “Hopefully in a few years he will be able to commercialize his work…a very long way to go though as solid-electrolyte cells have been in development for a long time. I am hopeful though because it addresses a couple of failure modes.

But I’m thinking they will only be very low current rated cells. Ion mobility through glass is much worse than through a salted liquid.”

Me: And it is true that objectively solid electrolytes by experiment are poor performers in terms of pure current.

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Please give a synopsis for those of us who won’t give up our ad blocker for an unknown website?

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DavidEF wrote:
Please give a synopsis for those of us who won’t give up our ad blocker for an unknown website?

Goodenough along with senior research fellow Maria Helena Braga, lead a team of researchers who have developed a low-cost all-solid-state battery that is safer and more efficient than existing lithium-ion technology.

The new battery uses a sodium- or lithium-coated glass electrolyte that has triple the storage capacity of a lithium ion battery. It also charges in minutes instead of hours and operates in both frigid and hot weather (from -20 to 60 degrees centigrade). Early tests suggest the battery is capable of at least 1,200 charge-discharge cycles, significantly more charging cycles than a comparable lithium-ion battery, and best of all, the glass-based electrolyte will not form the dendrites that plague lithium-ion battery technology. The dendrites accumulate as part of the standard charging and recharging cycle and eventually cause a short circuit that often results in a smoldering or burning battery.

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Ah yes, another “new battery breakthrough!!! 5x capacity!! 10 minute charge!111!” article that will never happen.