My first giveaway - Thorfire TK18 - **Winner Announced**

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My first giveaway - Thorfire TK18 - **Winner Announced**

So, I'm doing a giveaway.

A while back, Thorfire reached out to me and asked me to review some flashlights for them. In exchange, I got the flashlights heavily discounted Wink 

I did review a couple on here, but I actually skipped reviewing the TK18 on BLF... because I found I didn't have many good things to say about it, in all honesty. It just isn't my kind of flashlight... 

Anyway, it's a dual-switch tube light. The switch is even lighted... I've only ever seen it green, but if I remember right, it changes colors with battery level. The build quality is fantastic like all the other Thorfire lights I've dealt with, and I actually couldn't get the pocket clip off (though if you really hate it, you could remove it with pliers I imagine) so that's pretty well attached. No Convoy S2+ clip here. 

In the course of my review and examination, I ran the light for less than an hour total, across all its various modes. I turned it on for less than a minute today to take a picture (and make sure it still worked), so it's almost new. I'd describe the condition as 9.5/10. I apologize in advance for any dust or cat hairs. I also opened the light and disassembled it, but I did not overcome any glue. I can't honestly remember how far I disassembled it, but I don't remember pulling the driver or LED out (unlike the VG10S I reviewed). 

I just... I don't like the UI. It's L-M-H-T-H-M-L for the modes. It has ramping, but I'd guess it ramps linearly based on current. So you get like a half second of fast ramping on the way up, followed by what feels like five seconds of no change while it ramps at the top end. The tail switch also turns it on/off, and the side-switch is just for modes. I prefer the tail to be just a lockout, myself.


Alright then. This isn't your average giveaway. I'm not trying to say I'm giving away a cool, awesome light. To join, post "I'm in" as well as what you want to do with the light. It can be as short as a single sentence, or as long as you like. You can tell me "I'm going to resell it", "I like it stock and want it stock", or "I'm going to melt it down as scrap". I'm hoping someone will have a cool mod idea or two in here, but who knows.


The winner will be chosen as follows:

If there are less than 100 qualifying replies (meaning "I'm in" as well as a reason stated), I'll probably just pick my favorite stated reason someone wants the light. 

If there's much more than 100 qualifying replies, I'm going to have a random number generator spit out numbers at me until I get the post numbers of five qualifying replies (I'm in, plus a reason). Then I'll pick my favorite. 

I won't even be mad if whoever wins doesn't end up doing anything with it, but it would be cool if they posted a thread about it and I got to read that. Or if someone's gonna blow it up, post the video Wink I'm just not going to ever touch this light, honestly, and it's taking up space on my shelf. I don't have any plans for what kind of replies I'm looking for. I want to be surprised. Make me proud, BLF.


You have until May 14. Unfortunately, I will only be able to ship to the continental US. If someone outside the continental US really really wants to win this giveaway, then I can ship it elsewhere for the cost of shipping, minus seven USD. If this is you, simply add to your comment "I'm outside the continental US, but would pay shipping if I win."


Edit: Giveaway ended! manithree is the winner!


I reserve the right to change any of the terms of the giveaway at any time, including after the giveaway entry period has ended. This includes, but is not limited to, changing how the winner will be chosen, extending or shortening the deadline, or canceling the giveaway altogether. The only notice I will give will be to edit this post, and to make a new reply to the thread mentioning a change.

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Pics! The light is as shown. Like I said, 9.5/10, barely ever touched. I think I have everything it came with, but I honestly can’t remember. What you see is what you get.
(Spare O-rings, box, user guide, and fully assembled light with pocket clip.)
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Ok, I’ll bite.

I have a TK15s, and I love it as a bike light. I can turn it off and on with gloves on (the vast majority of the time I need a light, I’m also wearing gloves), without ever accidentally changing modes. My TK15 was in bike strobe mode all winter. And Thorfire’s bike strobe is perfect. Great for seeing and being seen.

So, if I win, I’ll put it on a bike. I’ve been thinking about getting another TK15, but the TK18 is just as good, if not better.

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You just made me join BLF lol. I just got the q8 and sofirn sp33 but I was about to buy more thorfire bc I like the vg10s for such a cheap quality bright light. I hear what your saying about the double buttons I feel the same but respect thorfire. I’ve become a flashaholic in the last last 6 months and can’t stop. This BLF is pretty cool tho. I’ve been waiting to join and you made me do it. Anyways I’m in!

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I’m in. I am honestly not sure what I would use it for but I went on a tear buying 18650 lights so I would probably just compare it with the other ones I have since I don’t have a Thorfire in this style (just T10II and C8S). Not sure if it could take my heart away from the BLF A6 or Convoy S2+ but I surely would put it to the test against them! As much as I love Sofrin, the SP31v2 and SP32v2 didn’t steal my heart like the first two and the Skilhunt M200 just didn’t feel right to me. I will eventually try Thorfire and Zebralight in the future either way! Thanks for the chance to save the wallet with this!

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I’m in. This is the first tactical lamp I plan to buy. Because its price is quite good. There are both tail switches and body switches. There are advanced features like:Reverse polarity protection,
Low voltage protection, Mode Memory, anti-skip design, 2 group user interface, Momentary. It made me think of Klarus at a significantly higher price.
Thanks so much my friend.

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I’m in , I would use it to light things up Wink

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I am “I am outside the continental US, but I would pay for the delivery if I won”

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Just for s&g, I’m in.

I got 2 ’18s, same misgivings about the UI (don’t recall if mine did the up’n‘down steps, though), gave away both, but the 2nd one only about a month ago… and was then asked by someone a coupla days after if I still had one. Facepalm

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I’m in, been wanting a tk18 for a while now (I like dual switch lights) to give to my LEO buddy.

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I’m in, need a bike light and a light I can use to turn my daughter into a flashaholic like her father lol. Cool

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I’m in. I would see what I like and what not so much, and decide to keep and use it or gift it.

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I am not in.

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I am in. I have quite a few lights, and don’t need it myself. However, ive upgraded to a four bay charger and would love to give the light and charger to a friend or family who aren’t in the know about lights beyond Maglight.

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I am in. I would use the TK18 as EDC, leaving it stock for now, so I could use my Coast HP1 with a red filter for night vision in astronomy. Thank you.

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slickpenguin wrote:
…lights beyond Maglight.

Heresy! Big Smile

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I’m in, because i just got my first flashlight and i can’t stop! I WANT THEM ALL!

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I am in. I am always IN… and out… and IN again… Evil

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I’m in. I like tube style flashlights and love them when they have ramping. If I am the extremely lucky winner, I will use it as a grow light. I will grow green peppers and lemons to help supplement my vitamin c levels to treat a bad case of scurvy.
Thanks for the chance to win and improve my health.

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I’m in, thanks for the opportunity, would probably use for walking dog at night, I don’t have any ramping lights so this sounds like good option over the bulkier Thorfire I use(cant remember M#, its not on the light, but takes 4AA’s) which is kinda hard to hold with a dog leash

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i’m not in – because i already have a free one too – the trouble with these lights is the extremely slow ramping, it takes about 8 sec to go one way, and there is no way to change ramp directions without going all the way either up or down then it goes back, maybe you have to press a button again for it to actually reverse, so it does ramp but it is very slow and inconvenient.

on the plus side, they are made VERY well, and can be used for ‘signaling’ due to the 2-switch design
all the tail switch does is turn it on and off, and it is an ‘unreversed’ clicky – when you push it in, it goes on
so you could signal with it.


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I’m in, cause i am not out Big Smile Facepalm Crying

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Count me in

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I’m In, because I don’t own any thorfire lights yet and can’t decide on one. Thanks!

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I’m In. Thanks Scallywag

Because ? + = ?

I just picked up one of those new 3V Cree XHP50.2 emitters to try out and the TK18 can be the host for that experiment.

Seeking the light.

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I’m in, because i am afraid of dark Shocked

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I'm in ... because I don't have that many flashlights ..Ok I'm lying .

I'm in ... and will use it to grow weed  !

I'm in ... because it's the proper thing to do on BLF 

I'm in ... because I don't own a thorfire light...more lies .

I'm in  ... because I promise to give a nicer light away if I win .


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“I’m in”. My plan is to have a drawing for it where I work. The folks that work directly under me utilize lights while repairing aircraft parts to look for damage or F.O.D. Most of them have cheaper Wal-Mart lights that run on a AA and are inferior to todays more modern lights. This would be a great light for one of them. I usually have couple extra batteries and a cheap charger I will throw in for whomever wins. It will be put to good use.

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I'm in. Would love to compare it with my Sofirn SP31

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I’m in, because nigt is dark and full of evil Evil

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I’m in, because I’m dark and full of evil

and I’ve always wanted to be in with the “in” crowd