side by side 2x18650 lights

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side by side 2x18650 lights

Hi, are there any good flashlights that take 2 side by side 18650 batteries other than the ones from nitecore? is there a reason this is not that popular?

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It's not as popular because it's more challenging to produce, and especially challenging to produce well. I usually track them down by sorting for the shortest 2x18650 lights in Parametrek's database, though this also includes lights with a 1x18650 tube. Some include:

  • Klarus RS30
  • Sunwayman M40C
  • Fenix TK35

And, of course, the Nitecore ones. YLP is also prototyping an extremely interesting side by side, though that is 2x21700.

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Have Small Sun disappeared? They made the ZY-T08 and ZY-T43, but I don’t know if they are available now days.