Your most beloved flashlights of this year iiis?

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Your most beloved flashlights of this year iiis?

So,the end of the year is near..I hope,there is no double thread about this..So what was or is your best new flashlight of this year?
Iam absolutly happy with Sofirn If25 second version..:)

EDC-Amutorch X9 XHP50 nw,Sofirn If-25A cw

Headlamp-Thrunite TH30 nw

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MF05 and GT94. 

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It isn’t anything special but I like the Acebeam L17, I made a DIY difuser lens using a original green filter plus a glass + dcfix and makes a great all around flashlight with lots of throw when you unscrew the diffuser

Katherine Alicia
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for me it has to be the Manker E02II.

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I don't think I bought a 2020 model flashlight.

I'm still rocking my FW3A.  :BEER:

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IMHO, the 2020 best flashlight should split in categories, eg.:

- Long throw (>1.000 meters)
- Medium throw (500-1.000 meters)
- Short throw or EDC (1-500 meters)

or base on batteries, eg:

- AA
- 18650
- 26650
- 21700

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I cant remember if the lumintop HL3A was introduced this year, but my vote goes to it. Super, super compact for an 18650 triple headlamp. Its the only light I carry every day. So samll I just dump it in my front pocket.

Uses anduril, has a clicky you can easily find in the dark, no issues with an inner electrical contact tube like the fw3a, and is way thinner and shorter than the fw3a. IMO lumintop has hit one out of the park with this one (and I had sworn off lumintop after one of ther keyring lights died on me).

This may not qualify for the list, but my 2nd runner up would be the nightwatch stalker 2020 in sbt90.2. Even though it was introduced in 2019, it received a significant driver
upgrade and uses a better bin led for 2020 and is about 30% brighter, with a better tint.

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sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K for 18650
sofirn IF25A 6500K with Andúril 2 custom for 21700

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I’m really liking my Sofirn IF25A, and the most expensive flashlight I’ve ever bought, my Astrolux FT03S. So, my most useful torch which I EDC, and the shiny toy I have no real need for.

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For me the Emisar D4v2 with the E21A emitters and CC driver hits the mark; practical EDC with choice of tubes, fabulous tint, and great UI.

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LightPainter from Light Painting Paradise (it’s a Sofirn SP31v2 with different driver and firmware).

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The little Acebeam E10 has been my go to for looking around the property at night.

The Manker E14III ends up in my pocket a lot. BUT, a copper Reylight Pineapple AA is in my pocket the most now days.

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still my favorite 2 years later
anything with anduril UI


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Katherine Alicia wrote:
for me it has to be the Manker E02II.

You and I think alike! I love the little thing so much that I ordered it’s bigger sister, the E03 II.

I would also give a vote for the Manker MC13 and the Acebeam E10. The optics used in these lights is really cool.

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Reylight Pineapple mini.


- excellent beam
- excellent RC (feels and sound nice)
- excellent LED
- good form factor (not too short)

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They may not be screamers, but the Sofirn SC31pro and Skilhunt M200 are handy-dandy new lights that each tick a lot of boxes, lights you actually want to EDC.

Honorable mention to the (also) Skilhunt E3A, which geniunely impressed the Hell out of me for an AAA light.

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I got very few lights this year so far:

  • Skywolfeye B16
  • CRX custom tail-eswitch light
  • Emisar KR4vn SBT90.2
  • Klarus HR1vn SST-20-W 4000K + CSLPM1.TG

None of them deserves to be called the best really.
Skywolfeye B16….is great for the price but that’s just it.
CRX custom failed quickly
Emisar KR1 is quite heavy, has too deep reflector and I expected better tail switch action. Performance is extremely good though. Still, I don’t feel it’s worth the light of the year award.
Klarus….the CCT difference between the emitters is too large, so the combined beam is not very pleasant. Other than this – a really OK light. But not special enough to be the light of the year.

I’m eyeing Lumintop GT Nano though. Will it be the winner for me?

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Skilhunt M200 is a nice tiny 18650 light with a great beam
Astrolux EC03 has great brightness and features for the money
The AMUTORCH E3S performance is insane for the size but the right battery can’t be found.
Astrolux FT03S is legendary
Manker E14III and MC13 are just top draw with epic simple familiar UI’s.
Jetbeam RRT03 is a lot of fun but incredibly expensive

But my light of 2020 is the Sofirn IF25, lovely simple ramping UI, cheap as chips, built like a tank and still compact for a 21700 light, Type-C charging and variable tint, not too silly on power. Just needs a 2700k SST20 to 5700K LH351D pro edition!!!

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Firefoxes FF5, great light with relatively small dimensions.

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Copper Tool, both aaa and aa. Copper kills corona.

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FW21 pro for me, such a fun light.

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Inexplicably, I haven’t bought a Surefire in 2020.
I have acquired a few Olights. Like 10.
I know Olight is a cult, but their lumens shine brighter somehow.
I have all the Warriors. The latest is being the best. Great tint. 21700-5000mAh.
The mini warrior is way smaller, but never a real warrior.
Like the Sportster, never a real Harley. Bought the three colors.
Also the Seeker 2 Pro in carbon fiber. With my name on it. And a few more.
I don’t worry about the proprietary batteries. They will outlive me.
And if they don’t, all the better!!!.


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fw3d. After I etched it I’ve been digging it. I still think 18650 lights are a bit big for pocketing/edc’ing all the time but everything else about them hits the mark.

Just yesterday I received the blf muscle combo. The mc13 is the first throwy light to pique my interest in ages. I’m thinking of finding/making a lens cap for it and keeping it in the ute.

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My top two are FF5 and K1 90.2 The FF5 is virtually the same size of a TN42, but with a smaller diameter head. But it is quite a bit more powerful at 10,000 Lumens and 1.2Mlux. The K1 90.2 doesn’t have the extreme throw of the oslon variants, but still gives significant throw at 420Klux and 4500 Lumens. Also the K1 is a single cell light with onboard USB-C charging making it compact and convenient.

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It is a tie between these 2:
Noctigon KR4 Ti Grey Camo with Nichia E21A 2000K R9050
Noctigon KR1 with Luminus SBT-90.2 5700K

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Two very different lights:

The very small Skilhunt E3A and the super thrower Noctigon K1 (mine has W2 but I’d love to try the SBT 90 and W1 as well.)

Many other good choices I see in this thread that I would like to try eventually.

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Not new, but my Sofirn Q8 is my favorite of all time. I can’t explain it.
And my new EDC favorite is my Lumintop EDC18.


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tie with Armytek wizard pro E21A 2700K and D4v2 E21A 2000k

I really love the warm tint of my D4

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I’ve only got a Sofirn SC31 Pro 6500K but it’s great.

I only use it for short dog walks but would like something chunkier.. maybe a an IF25A?

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I live in an old cargo van (Ford E350 extended) between work trips. So the BLF LT1 is my most used and most practical light source.

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