Interesting budget priced 3xAA dual headlamp from Manafont

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Interesting budget priced 3xAA dual headlamp from Manafont


Might be a decent buy at only $12.  This site claims it has a Q3 bulb and produces 120 lumens. I'm not sure about that battery box at the back of the head though, sounds rather uncomfortable.

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If one is a Q3, what is the other one? Two Q3s? Looks cool though.

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Very interesting 3aa is great news, the run time on the 3aaa headlamps is a real turnoff.

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its a quality headlamp super reliable had a few years plenty ruff work and still strong  , but its hungry on AAA's  and it cost me $100 au and that was with $20 discount ,yeah twas worth it forsure .. this looks ok for $12 ..AA's  good for casual use I would think

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So apparent there a fixed aspheric on the small barrel and tir on the big one. Interesting, but kind of duplicates functionality of a zoom optic.

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