Hello from Seattle

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Hello from Seattle

Well I found this forum recently and it looks like I have a new addiction. I have purchased a couple of ultra fire lights and have one on the way. 

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Welcome to the forum.

If you can feel free to post some pictures of your lights Smilethere is a lot of great information here and don't ever hesitate to ask! 

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I'm live in Seattle as well. Welcome to the forum.

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Hi there stolikat, we're very glad to have you aboard. Thanks for joining!

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Welcome Stolikat, to BLF and into this new addiction Smile

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Welcome to BLF. Sounds like the money spending has begun. Remember it's about budget flashlights not the flashlight budget.

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Hey thanks guys! I am already learning a lot. 

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Welcome to the forum!! Enjoy the wealth of great information here.

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Welcome from a former Seattleite, stolikat. Hope you enjoy yourself here. Smile

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Aloha and welcome to BLF stolikat!


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Welcome to BLF stolikat!

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