Dinod... ehm Dailyshop

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Dinod... ehm Dailyshop

Today i received the "gift" i won on this forum with Dailyshop (banned from this forum). First of all i have to say that i agree with the ban BUT i have to admit the item arrived pretty fast (expecially considering that my order on DX in still waiting for shipment after 15 days).

Opening the package i found two curious things:

They try to cut the package but they left part of the web address

Under the label i found a Dinosaur and i'm pretty sure i've seen it before...

So, as someone already said, Dailyshop and Dinodirect are the same shop. Now my doubt is: it makes sense ban Dailyshop and keep Dinodirect? I know that now Dino improves its customer service but in the past made some big errors on this forum... Maybe i'm to candid but i'd give another shot to Dailyshop. Obviously it's only an opinion.

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i found a few known products:

gungray Tank E09 (SKU: A06310000L), Romisen RC-29 1-mode, ..


same SKU on DD: SKU: A06310000L

okay let's ban them all Wink

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The gungray tank e09 even at the same price as at Dino?

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Isn't DD enough. Who needs more spam.