cnqualitygoods bad experience

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cnqualitygoods bad experience

when i bought balder SE-1 from last month.

I should have read BLF before purchase. balder has 2 different SE-1 . the SE-1 they sent was not same as the photo on their web. What i want has a clip on switch side not on emitter side.
Because their customerservice confirmed that what i received was old model and the correct model was in stock, i returned the wrong one and waited replacement.
but finally i got was same as what i received first.

Their CSR merry excused they changed the photo on their web on the day I purchased.
Take a screenshot and use webarchiving service if you still want se-1 from cnqualitygoods.

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Ric-CN is a member here on BLF. PM him to see if you can get satisfaction.