Here's A New One That Just Came Out

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Here's A New One That Just Came Out

Little high, but it’s a diving light with 3 xm-l’s. Looks pretty cool to me.

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Nice light! Discussed at length here:

I think a few BLFers might have them on the way. It's really a good deal considering the apparent quality of the light (Also at CNQG), charger and batteries.

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+1,that’s really inviting !! especially with its astonishing looks that made it even more standout ! seems I should switch from my Professional Cree Q3 3W LED Flashlight to this Diving Waterproof Flashlight but Im now hesitating for the money it will cost me.

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I like the look of the charger.  Cool


Anyone know what charger it is?


Nevermind....found it.



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Big Smile Big Smile :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Silly Silly Just Wow, wow; Now Wish had a job so could order that light! Nothing left to ask for. Once asked what lights would look like in two years, this part of the answer! Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Should be like, like, love is for a person. >) >) >) >)

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Hahaha, Tad, never seen you so… excited :bigsmile:
Actually, a complete pack for 75… it’s a bargain (if the light does his job well)