Cheap glow sticks?

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Cheap glow sticks?

Anyone know if there is any online shop with cheap glow sticks of various sizes? Had a quick look at DX but the prices are very similar to what I would find here retail...

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Not that I know of but you can always buy the chemicals and mix them yourself. That is always a lot of fun. 

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I lucked out and found a bunch on a clearance rack at a Brookshire’s grocery store about a year ago. I think I got them for .25 each, but it’s been a while. I bought a few to have on hand in case of power outages and because they are cool… 8)

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I broke down a few years ago and bought a Glo-toob. They’re great. If you want cheap glow sticks you generally have to buy in bulk. Cheap deals locally can be had when glow sticks are on clearance in stores. Here in the USA, it’s the day after Independence Day and Halloween.

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I think I’d get a glo-toob, but $50 is too much for me.

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Maybe you all know this cheap trick to make them glow about twice as bright, just microwave them for a few SECONDS (5-10 secs) and they will be super bright but wont last as long.

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For this, you’ll need a pyrex or lab-safe dish, probably some rubber gloves, and eye protection if you want to be safe. You’ll also need two or three chemlights and a container of Crystal Drano.

1. Pour out a few ounces of Crystal Drano into the pyrex dish.

2. Cut off the end of a couple of chemlights, making sure NOT to break the glass capsules inside.

3. Pour the contents of the chemlights into the pyrex

4. Once in the dish, CAREFULLY crack the glass vials (you may want to use a pair of pliers for that part)

5. Give it a quick stir

The lye in the Crystal Drano changes the pH in the mix, speeding up the reaction and releasing more light. The other chemicals in the Drano give it some funky colorings. Alternatively, if you don’t want to screw around with the glass vials, they contain simple hydrogen peroxide, so you could pour some out from your first aid cabinet. And if you really want to make the reaction bright, straight lye works even better, but it’s a giant PITA to get a hold of now.

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