Hey It's Miller time...

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Hey It's Miller time...

Greetings BLF’rs

I’ve had LED flashlights for the last 7 years or so and amazing how much brighter they have gotten, never really had anything super until this last year. Got myself a Hugsby P31 and have a UF-2100 on the way. Will be my first lithium device, I work in maintenance for injection molding machinery and spend a lot of my time on dark control cabinets, So I have a PT Corona Headlamp and A Petzl tikia of some sort, Still afraid to strap a Lithium cell to my head.

I’m from Santa Rosa, CA – and have 3 kids and a wifey so it keeps my budget for lites really tight

Also have a tube frame sandrail VW powered for fun.

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Welcome to BLF millerman. Smile

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Hey and welcome to BLF, millerman! As they say, it's always Miller time somewhere... Smile Beer Party

Sardion Master
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Welcome Aboard !!!

Pull up a chair, enjoy !!

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Make a budget and stick to it Beer

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Welcome Millerman, Maybe I’ll see you at Annadel zooming down Lawndale or S. Burhma on my Titus ML II.

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The friendliest forum on the net.
I hope you have fun here, I know I do Wink

Now I have a beer thirst all of the sudden Smile

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Welcome to the family, MillerMan!

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Welcome to blf millerman.

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Welcome to BLF, please take my advice and check your wallet at the door…

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You’re not alone. I’m not ready to strap a lithium-ion battery to my head either Shocked

As a side note, that’s kind of a crappy representation for BLF, jacktheclipper, since that Tank007 BLF Edition is kind of a crappy light :bigsmile: haha

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hi man, i personally would not strap a lithium cell to my head, i think one of those cheap multi led clip onto the cap add on lights works fine it uses aa Smile

weird i just get addicted to flashlight like in a blink of an eye.