DX 150W 13000 lumens LED array is this a news?

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Just saw this in DX new arrival section. Any idea this LED can be applied in anywhere? Flashlight anyone? Big smile

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There was actually a

There was actually a discussion on it the past couple days, http://budgetlightforum.com/node/11965. This one guy says those aren’t true to their specs, he has a suggestion for a legitamate one though (The good ones are only $68 too, and you can get more lumens from them! One guy in the discussion said he made a 540,000 lumen build with it, I wanted to say PICS OR GTFO BRO. But, this isn’t a forum of immature 15 year olds, and to be able to afford doing that, you’d have to have an actual job.

Actually, I’ll stop explaining, just read the discussion lol.

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as sintro say, there is a

as sintro say, there is a question actually it produce lumen output it’s spec say.

These modules contain 10Series arrays of standard 1W die.


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