Mini Maglite upgrades for cheap(er)?

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Mini Maglite upgrades for cheap(er)?

i know Teralux makes a few LED upgrades for the incadescent-bulb Mini Maglite, but the prices easily exceed that of a complete, more powerful flashlight on any of the budget vendors websites. that said, does anyone know of an upgrade (not the Nite Ize) that is more in the sub-$5 range? reason i ask is because tonight, while retrieving something out of my fiance's car, i found yet another Mini Maglite in perfect condition. that makes three that i have and would like to use if i can get them to pump out more light. i keep coming back to this even though i have a few lights that completely blow away the Mags. i guess it's that simple, solid body. maybe nostalgia for my dad's old Maglite that was big enough to club a bear with.

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I successfully revived my MiniMag following old4570's instructions. The beam is somewhat ugly and all flood but very bright compared to the original incan output.

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Venerable Mini MagLite is special.  Virtually any small-diameter, rigid stick works with these fighting arts, and a lot of martial artists carry small flashlights.