Reputable Sanyo Seller

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Reputable Sanyo Seller

I have been doing research for a while now looking for some nice protected sanyo 18650’s and while I have found a few sellers, I seem to read bad reviews on all of them.
I just want to buy some protected 18650’s and would really prefer sanyo because of the quality of discharge they give! Though not many PCB’s actually help the cell…….Still better safe than sorry. Anyone have any leads on a good merchant or at least the best bet? I would also be open to some Panisonics but still would prefer Sanyos.

I have seen xtar which I believe uses sanyo cells but man are they pricey Crying

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Thats about as budget and reputable as it can get. There have been good reviews of the "clear" Marsfire cells from Manafont, but who knows what you might get there.