Poll: How has your experience been with Kaidomain.com?

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Poll: How has your experience been with Kaidomain.com?
15% (12 votes)
Good enough
48% (39 votes)
26% (21 votes)
11% (9 votes)
Total votes: 81

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 I have given KDs good enough but i would say the service i have had is lower than that but not as low as Awful

i have used KDs 6 or 7 times and 3 of my orders were not satisfactory

1-mag-lite replacement glass lenses didn't fit to big

2-charger came with wrong mains leads i ordered UK spec got US

3-ordered 3x 18650s got 3x18500s

i was able to use the 18500s in a 2D mag with a terralux M300 3 x18500s fit perfect and i had a mains adapter that fits the charger the lenses i broke trying to fit in the light

 i e-mailed on all 3 occasions but heard nothing back i have not used KDs since

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Thanks for your comment Barrie, and welcome!  I added a "Poor" choice and I changed your vote to that.  I am currently waiting for my first KD order to arrive.  If it arrives, I will label it as "Poor", because I gave "Good enough" to DX, and my KD experience was worse than DX.

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I've bought a fair amount of stuff from KD. I always forget about the orders by the time they've arrived and there has never been communication or feedback of any sort. My most recent order was for an XP-G R5 P60 drop in. I got an MC-E one instead.


7 weeks later.


I already have one of those and life is too short to get them to sort it out - and far too expensive to be worth shipping it back. However, they have cheap Mag modding stuff that otherwise you are paying silly money for. I use regularly a pair of their unprotected lithium ion D cells in my ROP - took nearly 3 months to arrive but nobody else selling them and they were pretty cheap.


On the whole, great prices, very slow delivery, and not all that reliable.


OK DX make mistakes too but at least you know what is happening with them and have some idea of when stuff is going to arrive.


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I would say Rating of Top for me. :*
Everything as described. No problems had a few questions and received answered in about 24 or 30 hours very fast.
Kadiomain is the go to store for me.
Could be I find them wanting to please even through the language barrier. :bigsmile:

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I voted for wonderful. I have only ordered a couple of items from kaidomain but everything arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition and as advertised.

Maybe I have been lucky, but I can only share my experience.

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I gave good enough since I’ve never ordered anything from HK that took less than a month to get but it’s cheap and it does arrive and any issues are resolved. If you want it now don’t go there.

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Even though it took over 2 1/2 months for my single KDC8DML2 and never got any responses from customer service if I could I would vote between good enough and poor myself , heck I ordered some 25mm light/gun mounts from DX here in 9 days fasstech, to many orders to remember about 7-9 days ,lightmalls took about 14 days international outdoor about 21 and any questions for customer support were all answered within 48 hours from all other vendors only Kaidomain neglected to respond and 2 1/2 months seemed a little excessive even for a Chinese vendor just my 2cents worth.


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I think that I’ve only ordered twice from them. I eventually received what I ordered, but:

- I got the tracking #s fairly quickly, but it took FOREVER for them to start working on usps.com
- It took quite awhile for the shipments to arrive (relative to, say, FastTech).

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I have had extremely good luck with KD over the years. I have made hundreds of small orders from them and a couple really large orders as well. I will say there product descriptions leaves something to be desired, but if you know what you are ordering they are super fast and reliable.

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Out of 10+ stores, KD is among my top three bottom. Worst service ever. And I have been in contact with them a few times, and I have not placed that many orders.

BUT, they do have some nice DIY products, and time from order to arrival is usually good. I will probably place more orders, but if same item is available from someone else, I don’t care who. Ill buy elsewhere, even if price is slightly higher..

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I’ve always found them to be quick answering emails and never had trouble getting products.

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Price is not so competitive but have good range of products, just rather hard to do searching on their website. CS is very standard, may be this is the handicap.
So far good experienced and moderately fast shipping. Good enough for me.

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Shipping wasn’t real fast but not so slow that I was really worried, more like the typical China shipping that we used to all be used to. The product was exactly as described.

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I only bought once from them.
the order processing were typical 2 working days, the shipment is about 2.5 weeks (bit faster than typical shipping time from China mainland). the packaging, and so on is decent.
the only downside for them is their website is poor, the product photos mostly not good/clear.
become difficult to browse..that’s why I rarely visit their sites.

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i bought a few reflectors from them and a driver for my trj-12… shipping took a while… much longer than say fasttech..

all in all i would say they are about the same as DX, but better than wallbuys

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I have purchased several things from them, and many a order. I consider them a trustworthy store with about the same items as DX with the same customer service to match. I have had a DOA item or two but they have always made it right with me. I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to place a order, if they had something I needed. Just my two cents. Smile