Review: Super Bright 7-2 [ 1xAAA ]

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Review: Super Bright 7-2 [ 1xAAA ]



Super Bright 7-2 from DX - Click for DX page 


The DX description : 



Brand:Super Bright
Casing Color:Black
Emitter Brand/Type:-
Emitter BIN:Proprietary
Color BIN:White
Total Emitters:1
Battery Configurations:1 x AAA battery (not included)
Voltage Input:0.9~1.5V
Switch Type:Clicky (Clickie)
Switch Location:Tail-cap
Mode Memory:-
Mode Arrangement:-
Brightness:30 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
Runtime:40 minutes (manufacturer rated)
Lens:Plastic Lens
Reflector:Plastic Smooth/SMO Reflector



Priced at a Princely sum of $3.30 , I just wondered how bad it could be . There is a certain allure with Cheap , and sometimes you  just need to role the dice and see what happens.

Now as the light arrived it did not function , this was due to the battery pushing the driver away from the battery tube and therefor , no circuit . I was expecting this as I have had the same issue with other budget [ cheap ] lights in this category . The fix is simple enough , just file the head where it screws onto the battery tube .....

100_2931.jpg 100_2930.jpg


Until the pill/driver is pushed against the battery tube/body , and it should work just fine . So please be aware that buying this low [ cheap ] might mean some DIY on the part of the buyer [ Yes I actually expected this to be the case ] . 

  So aside from some DIY required , what do you get ?  Well I measured some 14 to 16 Lumen output with various AAA batteries and measured some 0.29A current draw , and for what it is [ cheap ] , I find those numbers just a little impressive . 15L and 0.29A is some what good for such a cheap light , decent run time and decent output , all for $3.30 , and you get to exercise your DIY fix it ability as well . 

Anodizing was half decent

Machining is acceptable

Threads are good 

Clicky is nice and mechanical

Should tailstand  less lanyard 

Has a lanyard

Clicky is a little to recessed to be thumb activated

No battery slop 

Very nice beam [ Blueish ] 

Bottom line , if you can DIY , this might make a very nice Glove Box Light , or a Tool Box Light , or at the very least a loaner light , should your neighborhood know you have a collection of Flashlights , and the lights go out .  

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I guess there are flashlights.

There are budget lights

And there is junk. 


Thanks for not catering to my OCFD and making me want to order this one!

Rats, finally sold my 2010 509hp I can buy more lights!

Sold the red one too! Now guess what I drive, doing my penance for 500 hp commuters...

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I received this light a few weeks ago, and for what it is I love it.  The beam on mine is very neutral and possibly the nicest beam I own.  I also recently picked up a Fenix EO1, and the beam on that is simply awful, the worst I have. Very purple hotspot surrounded by a golden outline, and the rest a scattered mess.  This Super Bright light has a smooth floody output, and makes an outstanding reading light, which is what I use it for.  It does tailstand perfectly as well.  It is what it is, a $3 light.  I'd take it any day over my Fenix, though the build quality of the Fenix is of course superior and has outstanding runtime.


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Keep in mind its a $3.30 flashlight ... 

And once its running , it does do justice to the $3.30 spent ...  

 Always remember , the easiest thing in the world to do , is to expel hot air from your lungs and through some vocal chords ..
The resulting sound may , or may not be worth listening too ….


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trooplewis wrote:

Thanks for not catering to my OCFD and making me want to order this one!

ROTFLMAOLaughing While your response is quite understandable, you caught me good. I guess I'm just used to the usual 'Oh, I want one too!' response that we see so often here. Thanks for the belly laugh.

I have a few lights that are not budget in any way, but I've come to understand the allure of something cheap that gets the job done. I too have an E01, and the excuse for a beam that it produces is quite ugly to behold. But it will run for some 20 hours on one AAA alkaline, and it is quite tough and reliable.

At less than 4 dollars, the Super Bright is less than a third the cost of an E01, and I would think the beam is probably much better. If it runs reliably it would have to be considered a good deal compared to the E01.

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I'll tell you what; there's a hand for every light and price does matter.  While I'm personally not drawn to these kind of lights, if $3.30 flew out the window and the next exit was 200 feet away, I'd keep driving.  Anything that turns on and helps you see better than you did, is worth more than $3.30 to me.  My little grandkids would be doing cartwheels if I gave them one of these.


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Thanks for the review Matt! I'm glad to see there's still interest in the cheap lights. I still think they are the best deal out there. And it's nice to know you can break one or lose one without losing half of your paycheck. Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

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Looks a lot like my RMSEN Rv-107, which I believe is a version of the Romisen RC-F7.  A clone of a clone? Smile

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I ordered one of these about a month ago from DX and am expecting the delivery any day now. I had the 7-1 and really liked it as well. I really like these cheap lights. I work on computers for a large company in my area. I want to use a light that's just bright enough to see under someone's desk when I'm trying to install or remove some hardware, and these ~$3 lights are sufficient. I won't cry when I accidentally leave a $3 under someone's desk or in their office and have to buy a new one.

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Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Oh you beat me for the review. I bought a few too. Smile I like them! Never had a cheapy which was that nicely white. All others were bluish or purplish. Great review, i agree with your points.

Actually it is the nicest sub 4usd i ever had.

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.