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Battery types

I really should rationalise my battery stock. I use:

Tiny cells   In about 8 sizes. For refuelling watches

Tiny NiMH  The light that lives plugged into the car's cigar lighter socket.

LR44         Various no-name lights

CR2016     All those Photon 2 clone lights that cost next to nothing. I get through about 150 a year - almost all given away

CR2032     Computers, other stuff. The fake candles at work (There are smoke detectors everywhere so can't use real candles, it costs £2K for each false alarm)

CR2          An old ultrafire WF-606A with a Luxeon emitter. Way brighter on CR2 than on 2xAA

RCR2        Orb Raw x2. I Luxeon, 1 Cree XR-E. Time for an LED swap in both since the Cree is something like a P2. The other is a Luxeon 3 T-bin. It cost a lot.

RCR123     I don't own a single light that needs primaries other than the Nuwai 5W but it runs nicely on 2x17500 instead. Too many to list on RCR123.

10440        Various. At least 3 lights

AAA          remote controls

AAA NiMH Various, Label printer which uses 6 of them

AA            Pager, clocks, remote controls

AA NiMH   Lots of lights

14500        Various - all of them torches

17500        A Luxeon V Nuwai light

C              A Streamlight TwinTask 3C clone

C NiMH     An Elektrolumens device with 3xK2 (old style) emitters. The most expensive light I own.

D              Nothing that I can think of

D NiMH     2xMaglite 6D - both with ROP bulbs, metal reflectors etc.

32600       ROP High bulb in a 2D Maglite, metal reflector, shortened spring, resistance fixes etc - about 1100 lumens for over an hour

17670       Golston, Fenix P3D, Romisen RC-F4

18650       Rather a lot of lights- most of them Surefire 6P clones of one sort or another. All of them Ultrafire branded.

Sub C      A mod to a lantern - currently broken - a 5W LED from a no-name manufacturer run from a 7.2V Sub-C battery pack

2/3Sub C An old Nuwai 1W light. Nice light if a bit dim by today's standards. Tossed the Luxeon LED years ago and replaced it with a Seoul P4. Currently not working. Suspect fried driver board

6V SLA   A "blah million candlepower" spotlight - currently not working till I rewire it. Pulls about 200W from the batteries which don't last for long. 12 minutes runtime on high - 20 minutes on low - when it is working. A Sun RAID array attached to the world's loudest server. You wouldn't hear a lawn mower beside this thing.


Time to rationalise I think. I have stock of all the cells/batteries here. 


Which is why i own so many chargers.


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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Nice stock you have there......will post mine in a bit, feeding the little one now.

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