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Rating: NewFrog.com [AVOID]


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  • ??



  • Used the shill technique (pretending to be pleased customers of their own products) on BLF
  • Dishonest and unscrupulous seller

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Thanks to those of you who noticed the shilling technique in that BTY battery post that NewFrog made, which has since been removed. I verified that the suspicious shill user was indeed from the same IP address as NewFrog. It may be that the NewFrog poster didn’t actually know the shill user as stated, but at any rate somebody employed at NewFrog posted as a pleased customer of their own products. One strike and you’re out when it comes to shilling.

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They did seem kind of shady, thanks. The real question in my mind is how a seller like that would push awful batteries on a community that knows the difference. They can have the whole company post about how awesome those batteries are and I don’t think many here would fall for it.

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they should name it DEADFROG now Silly

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Ya. Those are indeed rubbish batteries. In fact, it went to my rubbish bin not long ago…

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I bought something on Ebay recently and it came in this branded envelope:

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I wonder if they went under. I haven’t been able to access their page for several days.

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Note the ‘gift’ box checked — that actually puts the buyer at risk — the threshold for which Customs looks at the package, according to http://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases, is $200 for ordinary purchases, but it’s $100 for “gift” items:

“Merchandise shipped through the international postal service … Packages whose declared value is under $200 ($100 if being sent as a gift to someone other than the purchaser) will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP.”


“ most goods imported for personal use are not subject to quota.”


“ The duty rate for many items typically bought in an on-line auction is zero”