KaiDomain Order Delay? Normal for KD?

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KaiDomain Order Delay? Normal for KD?

This is my first order with KaiDomain:

On August 27, I ordered a couple of flashlight host bodies from them. The order process completed without my creating an account (Probably the source of my issues). I received an Order Success verification email and my Paypal receipt. It's been over two weeks now and I have not received any additional communication or shipment verfication. I have an order number and have created an account on KD, but am not able to look up that order, I assume since it was made before my account.

Is this normal for KD and is it safe to assume that my order is being prosessed normally?

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What do you see if you enter your order number here?


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i’ve been ordered several item from KD and it always arrive so please be patient and always check the day you sent them payment not exceeding 45 days to dispute in case it never arrive Smile

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Stuff normally arrives. Smile

If not, just go the paypal route after 42-44 days. 

Sadly, stating that things are in stock or are shipped quickly is quite common among several vendors. KD, DX etc etc, does this all the time it seems.

Lightsmalls, Wallbuys and others have also been "caught" doing this too, although it has not been reported that many times.

I believe that instead of keeping things in stock, they sometimes rely on that the manufacturer gives them the product quickly. Sometimes that does not happen. Or sometimes things just get messed up.

This might have happened to you..

Personally I only buy stuff from KD if I cant find the product another place.

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Also there is a delay in air mail shipping times in these days Sad

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