FYI - FastTech starting address verification soon (U.S. only)

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FYI - FastTech starting address verification soon (U.S. only)

US Shipping Address Verification (AVS) Starting 9/26/2013
This message is relevant only to customers in the US

On October 1st PayPal will start requiring merchants to provide verifiable shipping addresses for each order. FastTech will use an AVS (address verification service) provided by PayPal to perform these checks. If an address does not match in the system, a message is displayed on the checkout page and the order will not go through. When it happens, please edit and make sure your shipping address is completely correct.

To ensure everything works, FastTech will implement the necessary changes a few days ahead of PayPal’s mandated deadline, on September 26, 2013.

If for some reason your address just won’t get accepted, you may open a ticket and we will create an order for you.

A discussable thread regarding this change is available here.

Thank you.

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Shouldn't be an issue for most people.

If you need the package shipped somewhere over than your address, just make sure to update the ship to address in paypal.  Kind of convenient after... they keep the most used ones in history.

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I also have trouble with PayPal flagging my address as different compared to what was entered on the sellers website.  Seems it's just some dumb formatting issue.  I always just choose the option given for "Use Selected Address Below" or whatever it is.  Now it seems I'll just have to make sure my addresses match 100%.


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