Tank007 TK-507 (5 mode, XP-G R5) - Review

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Tank007 TK-507 (5 mode, XP-G R5) - Review

I won this one on an auction on ebay for $9.5. I couldn’t find any review on it so I thought I’ll make one :). Sorry about pic quality – iPhone camera is all I’ve got.

Overall a nice light, probably a bargain for the price. There were some minor flaws though.

Seller specs:

Lamp: Cree XP-G R5 with lifespan of 100,000 hours
Output Levels: five modes (High-Med-Low-Strobe-SOS)
Chip characteristics: Intelligent memory/constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness
Max Brightness: 190 lumens
Throw Beam: 100m
Power Source: 1*AA or 1*14500 Li-ion batteries
Input Voltage: 0.8V-4.2V
Burn Time: High light- 0.75 hours; low light-27 hours
Material: Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Exterior Color: Black
Reflector: Vacuum coated aluminum optical reflector
Lens: Tempering optical lens
Switch: End click switch
Construction: Waterproof to IPX8 standard
Impact Resistant: Anti-drop height of 1.5 meters
Size: 9.9cm (length)* 2.2cm (body diameter)
Weight: 51g (excluding batteries)
Accessories: Lanyard, O-ring ,Silicone cap

Some other facts:
- OP reflector
- Square cut threads
- Mode memory (after 2-3 seconds will turn on the same mode it was turned off)
- Tailstands perfectly
- Bezel threads are glued to the head

Standard TANK007 box. My TK-568 arrived in exactly same packaging. Lanyard and glowing boot were included, spare o-ring was missing.


Build quality:

Overall good quality with some minor flaws:
- Couldn’t find any flaws in outside anodising.
- All threads are square cut.
- Tailcap threads are anodized. Head threads aren’t.

Some minor flaws:
- Some kind of dust and metal particles on the inner side of the lens (which cannot be cleaned as the threads of the bezel are glued). I can’t catch it with my iPhone camera. Doesn’t seem to effect the beam though.
- The switch boot was punctured in the middle.
- Edges a bit sharp on the rings around the head.
- Damaged anodising near the head threads
- The bezel does not perfectly fit the body. It protrudes a little bit on one side. Hardly noticeable by eye, but annoying to feel by hand


Feels good at hand. Not as good as TK-568 though.
Light output:
On high – pretty much comparable to my sipik sk68 clone – bright on NiMH, much brighter on 14500. Small hot spot and bright spill – rather floody. The hot spot is nearly same size as of ThruNite TiS (60lm, XP-E, OP). The spill is brighter and wider. There is a dark ring on the outer side of the beam, noticeable on white wall, on other surfaces – not so much. The tint is colder than TiS or TK-568, but not blueish.
The modes are well spaced to my taste. The medium is noticeably dimmer than high, and the low (on NiMH) is slightly brighter than police light from eBay (around 15 lm I guess). This is basically as low as I would like it to be – just enough to shine my path for 1-2m or navigate indoors. Probably not low enough for some.
Another thing about switching modes – it will sometimes stay on the same mode.
Edit: After playing with the light for some time I found out what’s the point with switching modes – It always stays on same mode when you press it for the first time, each next press switches to the next. I guess it was made so by design to prevent accidental mode switching.

~15m distance, high. NiMH.

~2m, high

~1m distance, ThruNite Tis on the left, TK-507 on the right. High. NiMH.



NiMH (GP Recyko, 2000 mAh, freshly charged) – 1h 20m on high, before it gets as dim as the police light (vs 1h 15m in SK68 clone)
14500 (TF Flames) – 13 min (vs 20 min in SK68 clone)

That’s it for now :). Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the review. I just got one of these also.

If you (or anyone else) figure out how to get the bezel off without damaging it, please post!


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Thanks for the review! Although I think you just made me want a TK-568 instead Smile

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I, personally, like the looks and feel of TK-568 more than 507. The only real advantage of 507 is a nicer beam due to OP reflector, 568 has pretty ringy beam.
To the bezel question – I’ve read somewhere that it unscrewes with enough strength, just wrap it with rubber band to prevent damage. Just remember that it will void the warranty if you have one.

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Nice review.  Thanks Pregulla. Smile