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Oh wow congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have got a question about two of my MTNElectronics drivers: I mounted the 20mm 7135 driver in a cheap zooming light, it worked well for quite a long time but after I screwed it up recently there is only one of seven modes left. I already controlled for a short and unintentional direct drive but found nothing. My 26mm FET+7135 driver works well with an XHP70.2 but a minute after turn-on it starts a slight and continious annoying flickering. How could I resolve that? All suggestions are welcome! Grad

Looking for / Want to buy: MF04 or BLF GT reflector money-mouth, used or damaged flashlights for repair and MODDING cool, silver tactical ring for L6

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And a hearty Congratulations to Mother and Daughter from here as well, I know it has been rough but praying y’all see a much smoother ride ahead. Smile

I have the new boost driver in an L2 pushing the XHP-35 HI and love it, very nice to be able to maintain the single cell form factor that I so love in this light and still get the great lumens and punch of the 35 emitter. Thank you Richard!

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Congrats! We all know that the nursery will be well lit!


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Congrats!!!!! Party

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Congrats Richard!

Do you know when you expect more qlite 17mm 6135 drivers? I hope you do plan on receiving more… used one in my last S2+ build and it works perfect.

Just placed an order with parts for a new build but still need a driver. Planning a Convoy M1 + 219C 90CRI + qlite. Although I just started reading about the LH351D and I may switch to that emitter instead since it seems to have a bit better output.