How to add embedded Youtube videos to reviews and posts.

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How to add embedded Youtube videos to reviews and posts.
Here is a little tutorial, how to use embedded videos in your reviews and posts.
1. Go to the Youtube video of your choice then
-> share-> embed -> mark the "use old embed code" checkbox -> select the wanted size (640 works for me) ->  copy code in the lower box (ctrl-C)
The dialog should change to this, when you press the "Embed" button -> mark the "use old embed code" checkbox
-> copy the big text block:

2. On the new BLF post -> "Disable rich-text" (under the window)

....paste the youtube block (ctrl-V)



3. The result should look something like this, when you re-enable "rich-text".

The yellow box is the place-holder for the video.

The video will be viewable, when you save the post or preview it first.

...and this is how the embedded video should look like after saving:


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Very well written and easy to follow.  Thanks Vectrex.  I know the first video I tried posting I had to fiddle with the settings for awhile before it would embed like I wanted.

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Thanks Vectrex for the clear post! Sticky'd.


Here's another method: Click the icon of the movie tape, and go directly to the "Source" tab. There, paste in the same "Use old embed code" that Vectrex mentions. Then click "Insert". Here's one embedded below:

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Hello everyone!  I have a tip for embedding videos.  If you are following Vectrex's or Mr. Admin's instructions and still can not embed a video, it may be your internet browser!  I couldn't embed with Google Chrome, but I could perfectly with Mozilla Firefox.   :bigsmile:

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Thanks. It worked for me. The preview only showed the yellow box so I thought I screwed it up but it worked just fine when I saved.

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Why not just use "Insert / edit embedded media" button and copy paste youtube link (ie: directly to "File/URL" field?

And it shows it like this.

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Thanks Vertrex.  I just tried this using your directions and it was so easy that even I could do it.

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