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JasonWW wrote:
Don’t look at brightness, color or spill. The picture was taken on different days with different camera settings. The picture is just to show the hot spot diameter difference. Both have a donut hole pattern, but shaved dome makes it more pronounced.
Ah, OK. Thanks for clarifying. A more prominent doughnut hole would drive me a little batty. I’m so used to nice solid hot spots.
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Awesome stuff here.

WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube

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Another time came back to this CRX’s masterpiece. Whoooa, maaaaan, you should call yourself “torchopedia”. Another time I’m stunned how comprehensive is the first post. Just awesome.
(sorry, I just had to share my thoughts)

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He’s the man if you want the best glowy stuff made without getting a second mortgage to pay for it Thumbs Up

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Just dropped by. I'm here to say that the Osram CULPM1.TG pictures in the opening post seem incorrect, looks like the die area isn't properly set as it looks exactly like the CSLPM1.TG, only rotated. Being a 4040 emitter it should look 25% smaller both in width and height (versus the 3030).


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Good catch Thumbs Up

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I have to admire you. Very useful posts.

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Awesome CRX, you are amazing. Really thank you for your great effort.

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