Quick multitool question - promotion ends at midnight

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Quick multitool question - promotion ends at midnight
http://www.ibood.com/be/nl/ Hey fellow babies! I don't know if many of you know this site but it's really popular here and has a new promotion once a day ( the site has different promotions for different countries) Today in my country it's this one for the SOG multitool Anyone has any experience with it cause i'm thinking of buying it Thanks in advance Koen
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Not a bad price, compared to the original. I've never owned one, but I've heard great things about SOG.

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If you can get over the funky handle cover thingies (which I never liked) Sog does make some very solid tools.  If it's a good deal to you go nuts - you won't be disappointed with the quality.

Erm, except the scissors.  Sog's never been able to make a good pair of scissors.

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KDLST, this is the exact model I just purchaced recently from Woot.com (@$30).  I've been using it at work over the past month, so here are my thoughts:

- It's large.  This is the biggest multi-tool I've used.

- Fresh out of the box everything is quite stiff...but loosens up nicely in short order.

- The leather holster is of very good quality.

- The wire cutters on the pliars are a little loose in spec, so if you're trying to cut < 18ga wire it's a pain. 

- The scissors on the other hand are fantastic (maybe I got lucky)

- The little tiny standard screwdriver on the end of the bottle opener broke the first day of use.  This has left a bad taste in my mouth since, although this is the only issue so far.  I should point out that I use this tool...very hard...in an industrial environment.

- Speaking of which, the SOG multi-tool overall has handled this environment brilliantly.  Even after being completely covered in HiCal Lime (very caustic stuff), then rinsed off under a faucet, it shows no wear.

- The compound leverage on the pliars is neat.  The only drawback is they don't open as wide as some other multi-tools.

- I find the extra tools adiquate, but the layout and implementation is cumbersome.  Just to use the knife requires opening the tool, lifting the little handle cover, folding out the blade, closing the handle cover, and then finally closing the tool.  This may have been acceptable for all Gen 1 multi-tools 20+ years ago, but is a pita now.  

- Speaking of the handle tool covers, check them frequently for they can be dislodged and fall off.


I feel the positives outweigh the negatives, and would buy one again (on sale, that is).  For the record, my favorite multi-tool to date is the leatherman skele-tool, even though it broke in half on me two months ago (Like I said, I can be hard on tools).


Hope this helps.

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From a UK point of view, that's a fantastic deal. I've never seen an SOG tool for less than twice that amount - in pounds.


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Match wrote:

- The scissors on the other hand are fantastic (maybe I got lucky)

I should probably be a little fairer - the scissors on SOG multitools are by no means bad, they just fall behind the scissors designed for other MTs like Leatherman and Victorinox.  I can cut leather and heavy plastic packaging with those, while the handle on the SOG scissors would be permanently implanted in my thumb if I tried.

The compound leverage bit is pretty cool, though.  It also lets you open the MT one-handed, almost like a balisong.

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Sog: great pliers, decent tools, awkward to use

Leatherman: good pliers, great tools & blades, rusts

Gerber: decent pliers/good pliers, good tools, pliers may rattle

Victorinox: good pliers, good tools, great build quality

Opinions, YMMV

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Sog is awesome in fit and finish, right behind Victorinox and ahead of Leatherman. Get one if you're curious, you won't be disappointed.

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The SOG V-Cutter is very nice, and I'd suggest it over the scissors.  And the annoying handle covers are removable...  I kept thinking I'd leave them on, as they were more comfortable, but I was wasting too much time with them.  I use the v-cutter to open packaging and the like...  and it'll cut seatbelt webbing as quickly as a chinese clone cuts butter.  Smile