CNQ 2AA Stainless Steel NW flashlight REVIEW

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CNQ 2AA Stainless Steel NW flashlight REVIEW

I just got my prize from Ric’s recent giveaway, and actually i am very impressed with it.
It came nicely packed in bubble bag, and include a spare silicone o-ring, and 3 small keychains.

The light is stainless steel, OP reflectored,and has an XP-G2 R5 NW led as i requested(BIG UP!).

The quality of machining is outstanding, however it is made from steel tubing, not from a block of steel.
You can feel with your finger slightly where the steel sheet is mated into a tube at least in my opinion.

The “brain” is locked by a nicely ground to body brass ring, and i didn’t want to mess it up so i can’t give you driver pics Sad

The edges are nice rounded, however as everything it isn’t fully scratch-proof

The treads came dry, but nicely cut, but my biggest concern is: The pitch is VERY little, max. 0.75MM. Is is also nice tight.

In my opinion the small pitch+brass+steel isn’t the best combination in terms of durability, but time will tell.
The tailcap seems “universal” every cnq AA light uses this.

The tail cap is also different from the official pic:

According to the manufacturer, it can utilize 2 lithium 14500 batteries, but works great on AA primaries ant Ni-Mhs. The batteries are tight, no rattle at all.
You can only use standard 50mm long cells, longer protecteds will not fit, the light won’t screw together.
It has three modes with mode memory, and it uses audible PWM:

HIGH – 3200Cd – 2.1A tail cap current – with overheat protection-auto stepdown to LOW after about 35Sec(cold body).
MEDIUM – 1500Cd – 1.2A tailcap current
LOW – 350Cd – 340mA tailcap current

I used GP Recyko+,Varta Long Life primaries and 2.gen Eneloops, all are around 2.1A

Unfortunately, I can’t do lumen measurements, but it can be calculated from the current, maybe around 250-300Lumens.

The things I liked:
-small, nice fit in hands
-enough light to use at close range(finding the key, putting the trash out or change the blown electric fuse)
-it is Steel
-with 122g (with batteries) weight it is quite heavy
-quite bright for the size

The things i should change:
-true machined body, not tubing
-bigger threads
-improved heat management, longer runtime on HIGH.
-AR lens to improve quality factor
-less PWM noise(dont bother me much)
-at least separately available belt clip

I can recommend it to anyone who needs a small but durable penlight, you won’t be disappointed
I’ll post beamshots if anybody is interested

And finally, many thanks to Ric who made this short review possible

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Thanks for the review , siletto .

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Great review sir!!! I really like all their lights, but a screw on clip would make it even better!! Thanks for sharing!!