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I don’t recall which models exactly, I think it was the rogue, but I read that they dimmed output on high automatically after a given amount of time. Good for runtimes and supposedly not that noticeable in use, but that’s why I never bought any of them.

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It's a neat little one of a kind AA light.   I have the titanium finished one and just picked up the GREEN one off Ebay since OP mentioned it.  The GREEN one always has commanded the highest price.  Vendor already had the GREEN at super low price (8.95) so I chanced an offer of $6.95 and HE ACCEPTED IT !!

I've never really noticed the gradual dimming that this driver is noted for so it is a non issue for me.   The light is just so unique in looks it's great to have at hand and people can't stop looking at it.  Especially the GREEN one.  How often do you come across a gorgeous green colored torch??  This would be the one to get as it is a real head turner.    

Vendor I just purchased from has 5 left. For $6.95 to the door I just couldn't resist one.



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Wait…. I make flashlights?