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Yes, definitely dump that charger in favor of one of their better ones. The bag is nice too though

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A good price on a Wen 2000W inverter generator.
Wen super quiet genny $388

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lots of lights step down like that.
i have an energizer and a hf that do it.
bet there is a resistor inside you can change to get the current up on li-ion.

sbslider wrote:
I ran it a couple more times this morning, same sort of behavior. I was noticing the current and light intensity seem to drop in steps. Small steps, but the current will hold for 10ish seconds at some level, then make a discrete drop and stabilize, and so on. I could see small steps in the light output also, like my LT1 does in sunset mode. Some sort of timer circuit in there or sure, whether its analog or digital I don’t know yet. Testing with the laptop cells keeps the input voltage stable so it easier to observe. with these two laptop cells, and the present 0.3A, it would run there for 10+ hours easy. I’m doing it in chunks as I can’t just be around for that long.