Review: Cree xml t6 3modes bike light from lightmalls

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Review: Cree xml t6 3modes bike light from lightmalls

Hello,Last time I asked about the xml t6 bike light from lightmalls,and at the end I bought one,now I am very glad to receive my bike light set at July 4,see the following pictures



For this light,I like it very much,it is very brightness and it is my first time to buy goods from China website

from the pictures,we can see the led is xml t6,and the kit include headmount + extension cable + battery set + charger

Now the light works well and I an think if I will buy one for my friends

But I'm not satisfied with it is package,it seems too old,and the shipping time is a bit long,need 2weeks....

but for the price at usd64,now i think i am a luckyer,i received my light at the end.....


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If only there was a discount code, then I would buy from there.

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You are talking about some different "China lumens" and "China mAh" here, It is impossible to get 1600lm from one XM-L LED. Real OTF value for this light should be in range 600-800lm.

It also lists 6400mAh battery pack with four 18650 batteries. This capacity packs does not exist. Real capacity of this pack is significantly lower - around 4Ah. 

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Keep in mind that the laws of physics are much different in China than anywhere else in the entire universe. Its certainly not possible that an entire race of people lie through their teeth when advertising their products, so their claims must be true and taken seriously. Now where can I buy one of those $10 trillion lumen AAA flashlights that have a contiguous run time of 57 days?