2D Magmod C_K's way (2x18650 or 6xAA, true constant current Olight driver, warm HCRI XM-L2, e-switch)

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2D Magmod C_K's way (2x18650 or 6xAA, true constant current Olight driver, warm HCRI XM-L2, e-switch)

Finished light (stock exterior).


I showed this briefly in an old thread about the driver but now that I've got the 6AA carrier done I wanted to put it all together in one place. This is my first ever D cell Maglight mod and I wanted something that could run on AA's so I ordered a set of top and bottom 3sAA OSHPark plates and 4mm brass rods, the carrier is intended to be used at 50mm long with 3 sells in series, I lengthened the rods to make it 6s for 8.4V from fully charged eneloops (10.4v from energizer L91 primaries) and had to figure out the contact and how to get + at the top and GND at the bottom just like 2 D cell batteries, with a PVC spacer for the diameter difference and a copper spacer between the tail cap and spring (which had to be shortened) the light also runs 2x 18650 and both high and low are the same output regardless of battery type


The switch was gutted and a 18AWG wire ran directly to the batt+ spring to supply the driver, a 12.2mm OSHPark tact switch contact board was used with a sparkfun push button switch, the switch PCB is held down with silicone after the set screw is tightened.


Next up the big Olight SR51 driver was just to big to fit so it had to be filed down, so much in fact that the outter most trace was gone and had to be replaced with a wire, even then its a TIGHT fit.


The big yellow cap was relocated and the entire thing is wrapped in kapton tape before final assembely, that big metal bar (bottom right in below photo) is the sense resistor so it has to be insulated from ground.



It fits in the body now but the H22A heatsink has to be modded pretty heavily too so it fits with the huge driver.



Next the emitter, a warm white XM-L2 S6 7D3 is reflowed onto a copper 14mm MCPCB that I've converted to direct bond, this was so the entire MCPCB on its 14mm pedistal can fit right up in the head to retain the focus feature.


6s AA carrier


In this pic the carrier is loaded, the cells dont stick out any


Here's the tail spring setup, it had to be shortened to work with 2x 18650 but the 6AA carrier is the length of 2D so it would need a stock spring, if I had another I could just swap springs but I dont so I use this copper fitting, it makes contact with the rear of the carrier and the I.D. of the tail cap, when using the carrier it eliminates the spring.




I really like the light from the S6 7D3 emitter (I got 13 from richard when he first got them and have used 5 already) and its pretty close to stock incan maglight tint but its obviously not the brightest emitter out there, still kills an incan mag of any variant. This light measured 28,340Cd and I estimate 850Lm and its the same on 2xLi-ion as is it 6AA! Beamshots and video to follow within the next day or two. The best part about this build is I have another H22A heatsink and in another week or so I'm doing my buddies SR51 so I'll have the stock driver out of it, I'm going to build a silver 2D mag with a cool white emitter to have a pair of 6AA emergency lights and probably keep one in each of our vehicles.

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Excellent work.  Really like how you do original idea work and not just copies or variations of mods done by others.  Clever that replacing that ground off trace with wire.

Have you had a chance to try out the new FET you purchased for that driver yet?

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Yea I swapped them out before installing it in here, there wasnt any difference, 3.4A to the emitter with both FET’s. Comfy says to replace the resistor bar with a POT and turn it up till you dont have modes and then just slightly down from there but I’m not going to take this one back apart again, I might try it with that other one I’m going to be getting.

Thanks, you should see what I’ve got on my bench now for originality… They’ll be for sale soon. Smile

Tail spring / spacer setup added to OP.

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Very nice mod. Lots of work has gone into this one. Thanks for showing us .

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Nice mod. I like the versatility.

Looking forward to beamshots/video... Smile

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Nicely done! I love Mag mods.

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