ITP A1 - Full blown DIY Guide to pulling the A1 apart ...

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ITP A1 - Full blown DIY Guide to pulling the A1 apart ...

I kept getting PM's about this , so I have gone and made a full blown DIY guide ....  


Well , ever since converting a ITP A1 to XM-L , there has been a steady flow of PM's , so here is as detailed guide to pulling your ITP A1 apart ...

Lets start with a 3 mode ITP A1 - 

I did say detailed right : Ok I use a needle [ sewing ] to pull the O ring out from the lens ..

Slowly it goes 

Saved the O ring for the lens . 

Next we will try and save the factory driver :

The driver is a press fit into the pill , and if you cant wedge it out as is , well I drill a hole !!!!! 

With the dead driver from my first mod , I work out the safest place to drill 

With the hole drilled , one now has leverage to pull the driver out , 

Now be as careful as possible using brute force to rip the driver out GENTLY !!! 

Untested - but hopefully still alive 

Looks strong , but its almost as strong as a soft drink can , I put some pliers into the holes , and then apply heat ...

Very old micro torch - with enough power to melt Aluminum ..
Heat the head till it smokes and gently try to twist out the driver - get heavy handed and you will damage it ..

Just heat it up more and more till the glue lets go , and remember to be gentle here or you may have to kiss the pill bye bye [ its soft as butter ] 

Here , the pill came out , check out the molten LED ! 

Sometimes , you might be lucky , and get away with less heat ..

Now remember WARNING ! the Head will be hot , possibly several hundred degrees Celsius , I have some old heavy duty gloves from my Aluminum Die Casting Days , and I tell you , they sizzle when unscrewing the pill . 

So there you have it ... 

This light will become XP-G R5 and use the original driver ...

 Always remember , the easiest thing in the world to do , is to expel hot air from your lungs and through some vocal chords ..
The resulting sound may , or may not be worth listening too ….


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Good work.  

Don't know why they made it so hard to open.

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lol well that makes it official..i'm never opening my A1 to know how it's put in though..the itp sa1 is hard to work on also and I messed mine up fiddling with a new one i'm not touching..

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Location: Eastern PA looks like you had mice living in between the pill and reflector.

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the Olight i1 (same company ITP) has XML LED. so no need to tear out the guts of the ITP Wink

*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh