Missed the Yezl Y3 GB? No worries! Check this out! :) (you can buy separate extension tubes too)

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antiparanoico wrote:
Yes. But... Although we add a spacer, it will continue the rattling. We need to add spacers in diameter...

Good old toilet paper roll trick should help.. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/8418



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Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

Is this light still very good bang for the buck?
I am looking for a thrower to add to my stash.
If i order this with 2 extension tubes and run (2) 26650’s, roughly what is the run time on this light?

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Most excellent flashlight. Stock on two batteries it pulls a little over 1A. So roughly about one hour per 1000ma of battery. So a pair of 4000ma batteries (two cells)will give just under 4 Hours on high. A pair of 6000ma batteries will get about 6 hours. Be warned mod fever is strong on this flashlight.