Review of Fenix E20 2014

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Review of Fenix E20 2014

To you the review of the new Fenix ​​E20 2014

Hi guys, today I present to you the brand new fenix fenix E20 2014 kindly sent to the test.
The Fenix ​​E20 is now in the field for many years, is updated with the latest CREE LED marked an XP-E2 from coolwhite color and the brand new function for changing the levels “Shake”.

-Batteries: 2x AA batteries (Batteries included)
-Output Mode / Runtime:
-High: 250 lumens / 1.4hrs
-Mid: 125 lumens / 4.75hrs
-Low: 10 lumens / 60hrs
-Peak Beam Intensity: 10800cd
-Max Beam Distance: 208 meters
Dimensions: 160mm length
-Diameter Body: 26mm
-Weight: 94g (without batteries)

The torch gets sent home in a sealed plastic blister on imprinted with the logo Fenix ​​and all of them the manufacturer’s specifications. However, we can see the torch without having to open it.
Cut the blister and the contents is composed of:
-The Torch fenix E20
-the instruction booklet
-the OR reserve
-the wrist strap
-2 AA batteries
A simple and supplied ready for use.

The torch is broken down into 3 main parts which are:

BODY: black anodizing well distributed over the entire torch and has no flaws, to feel you have a good feed of robustness to shocks and to ‘wear. The lettering is laser uncared there are areas most prominent and others less so, but in general it is discrete (to be improved)
The aluminum used is solid and worked well, there are no burrs will process waste, the grip is really good thanks to the knurling present on all the central part.
The thicknesses in my opinion make this E20 a tank, we find well-5.5mm aluminum and 2.5mm on the side of the head on the side of the tailcap.

The fillets at the ends of the body come already lubricated, spin fluids without straining. The thread that screws the head has 5 coils with a triangular section and is left polished to allow the passage of the current. The thread that screws instead of the tailcap is anodized and has a square cross section with 8 turns finest.

The grooves that are located just below the threads are home to the OR, really generous is of excellent quality, allow you to have a flashlight with waterproof IPX8.

Tailcap: a classic tailcap consists of a rubber button that protrudes 3mm, so it is easy ignition, l ‘only flaw is that it does not allow us to put the torch in tailstand. On the edge of aluminum there is a hole for attaching the wrist strap on the classic fenix and well done.
  the switch and type cliky has the function Momentary ON with a slight pressure, immediately after make “clik” and the torch is lit, another “clik” and blow out.
The contact between the batteries and torch body is via a gold-plated spring located in the middle of the tailcap is held in place by a threaded aluminum disc with protection around like a red rubber that prevents movement.

HEAD: houses all the electronics group of the torch with unique SHAKE, LED XP-E2 CW well centered, the SMO reflector and filter glass with transmittance of 98/99%. Everything is well siglillato in the aluminum. There are cooler fins reason is that the torch does not heat up too even if the MAX level.
From my tests, the LED in High mode is driven to 1000mah, in mid mode is driven at 460 mah, in Low mode is driven to 50mAh.
In the rear part we can see the base of the electronic circuit with the anti reverse polarity of the mechanical type. (2 crescents avoid contact with the negative pole of the battery with the positive terminal of the torch). All around we see a brass ring that acts as a contact for blocking mode of the torch.

In general, the torch mounted in the 3 parts has a good-looking appearance, comfortable in the hand is light and grippy. One downside is that if placed on a flat surface will roll freely on the body because nothing prevents rolling.


As we can see the levels are well spaced and allow you to have a range that can suit all tastes. I personally use it a lot to MID level I find it great for all uses daily.
The following table shows the data of the manufacturer Fenix

From my tests with NIMH batteries with 2200mah I got about the same results slightly better: (I do not know that he had the battery capacity that they used for the test)
High: 1h 39min
Middle: 5h 01min
Low: 69h.21min
I did not notice stepdown at a high level after a few minutes, I had a drop in brightness towards 1h.26min nothing to worry about 30 / 40lumen.
The beam of this E20 is notable for the outstanding qualities of throw, however, despite having a relatively small but deep dish from good design. The LED XP-E2 with 110 ° light output does the job and creates a beam that has a usable spill, perhaps a bit far from the foot, and a Hotspot really sharp.
Fenix ​​says 208m, 100m well in actual use lights and then spread up to 150 and get lost in the dark soon after. The 10800 lux declared there everyone!

Tree to 40m
travel check




Tree at 100m

The UI of this flashlight is really simple and intuitive, it will be enough to do: 14: “Shake Shake”: 14: with the torch and she is going to change the level.

Take the torch, accendiamola using the button on the back and impugnamola and let us be sure that the head is slightly unscrewed. Shaking it left to right and you will change the level from Low to Mid, if let’s shake again pass from Mid to High and so on. Once you find the level that we are interested in whether we want to keep it just tighten the head and the shake will be disabled.
The levels will cycle more in the classical way: [color = # FF0000] POWER ON [/ color] HIG (shake) -> MID (shake) ——> LOW (shake) —-> HIG etc.. The torch does not have levels as SOS and Strobe Beacon.
The Fenix ​​E20 is provided with memory of ‘last level even if the head will not be tightened.
Do not think that the torch for every small change, indeed bisognera use a decent strength. He left me glad this UI is quick, easy and utlizzo also nice. Great job FENIX!

The torch with its relatively low price will be sold to a broad audience that is looking for a flashlight affidable and easy to maintain, given his outstanding gifts of the thrower My advice is to take a regular bottle cap from 1.5l transparent as possible and apply the head of the torch, so you will have a diffuser to illuminate optimally 10 / 15m.
You can see that in my model by applying the diffuser “bottle cap” changes the tint even bringing it to have a slight hot spot and a spill that fades from neutral to cool.

This new version of the Fenix ​​E20 I was really happy about his strength, power betterie AA and quality of light.
Fenix ​​now known manufacturer of flashlights maintains the quality of its products even though they are lower-priced, something respectable. The uses that may find this flashlight are varied, from simple household than hiking, but also to work or to use as a backup I would say it does its job well. Obviously it is not a torch that provides a tactical use.
It would be a good idea to put at least a flashing SOS for security.
Adding up all the fenix E20 2014 receives an overall score of 8 out of 10
Materials & Construction
AA batteries
UI with “SHAKE
minimum weight
No Tailstand
Few accessories (clip / sheath)
No anti-roll

Thanks for your attention to Dan-hilo89

love flashlight!

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Thanks for the review Dan.


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Thanks for the outstanding review. I’m not sure I like the shake thingy. Do you have any comparison for the 250 lumens claim? Fenix is known (or was) to be rather conservative in lumens ratings.

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