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Rating: EachBuyer.com



  • Owner / customer service rep is active on BLF and speaks good English
  • ??


  • Some prices are higher than average
  • ??

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I have not purchased anything from them yet.

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Haven’t purchased anything but +1 on having good English skills. Really makes a difference.

I did recieve a “giveaway” light which was nice. Prices are a little higher though

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Pro – Nice, well laid out site, very easy to navigate

Con – Whole lights only, no diy at all :~

Cheers David

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They followed through on sending me a free light from a giveaway too, but I haven’t ordered anything yet.

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Over 40 days to receive "gift" light.

I hesitate to order because of this.

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I received 0.10$ light holder for a bike. I’m very happy because of price but I have to say that shipping was super-slow (about 6 weeks). But I don’t mind that on $0.10 item as long as I receive it. Big Smile

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I recently had the opportunity to get an extra sponsorship for an event i am planning.
samiluo was an amazing person to work with on this.
Eachbuyer came though great as a sponsor, they gave me more than i was asking for.
There shipping has to be the fasted out of all companies i have dealt with.
I would would order from them on a personal basis

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