Girlfriend Gift Light - Recommendations needed

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Girlfriend Gift Light - Recommendations needed

I saw a few threads on this, but wasn't sure what the latest was. I'm need a light to give to my girlfriend as a gift. 

Something like:

  1. Small - AAA or AA
  2. Bright - brighter than the sun. 
  3. Runtime - not too important
  4. Modes - just confuse her, a low mode might be useful to preserve runtime
  5. Reliable - I don't mind an initial tweak, but after that it needs to be high-availability
  6. Accessorizable - huh? You know. Something other than black or gun metal gray...silver, red, pink...not a strict requirement but a definite nice to have. 
  7. Build quality - the new UF-H2b may have me spoiled, but it would be nice if it looked like a quality light. 
  8. Budget - prefer mid-20's or below, but would consider higher for the perfect light. 
  9. Carry mode - I may need to give this some thought, but keychain, lanyard, clip etc. might be nice. 

The idea is that it will be nice enough that she won't go, "Gack...another light!?".

I might go for the DQG II, but from the pictures it looks a little rough around the edges. Also, thinking about the ITP A3, or I believe there is an XTAR that might fill the bill. 

I appreciate any recommendations.

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I would vote for the A3. Lights are about useless at the bottom of a purse and the lug works good on a key ring. I took the clasp off mine. DQG would be great too based on what I have read.
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Shiningbeam has the ITP A3 upgrades in colors on clearance sale right now . They are the old Q5 version with M-L-H modes . I have purchased at least 7 of these .

Great little lights .

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ITP in colors as suggested above is great. Xpg version on a 10440 should satisfy your brightness requirement.

Piers said " ....but who wants enough light, when you have the option for far too much "

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I just got a Xeno E03 in blue (which really looks purple) yesterday and the wife already said she wants it. It's more than your $20 limit but it is a great light for sure. Plenty bright for most tasks on a simple AA battery. Put a 14500 in it and it's a pocket rocket at 400+ lumens.

I've got lots of bright ideas.

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Have you considered



OK, I promise to be serious now...

Rats, finally sold my 2010 509hp I can buy more lights!

Sold the red one too! Now guess what I drive, doing my penance for 500 hp commuters...

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My girlfriend really likes the purple iTP I bought her, both color and shape. It's really a deeper purple than looks like in Shiningbeam's photo. She keeps it on her keychain, alongside the owl watch I also bought her.

It's the R5 upgrade version, and I think it goes really well with some AAA lithium primaries (the cheap ones from eBay seem to be very good, see ).

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Second vote for the Xeno E03 here.  Was trolling the deal thread, pulled up the item page and heard a "ooh, that's cute" from across the room.

(Get the DQG for yourself.  it's not as pretty, but SS doesn't scratch when riding with your keys)

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Get here an ITP A3 1 mode. Simple, easy and reliable.

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DQg tiny 11

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Get her the Bling light

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Can't go wrong with ITP Wink (A1, A2, A3, etc.)

Xeno E03 and DQG Tiny are great choice also, but slightly pricey IMO.

PS: lol, trooplewis :bigsmile:  

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get the dqg II from the group buy here ASAP!!!

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Haha - BLF'r in me likes the price of the Bling light, but not the multiple LEDs...maybe Match could turn it into a sun-scorcher.

And, I guess I need to explain to some of you (trooplewis), that the intent of the girlfriend gift light is so she can temporarily blind other guys when needed, not to draw attention to the girlfriend's gifts. 

The Xeno has the 1-click operation right? Is there an option for a clip? 

Are there any other light options? The Xeno is kind of up there in Preon/Quark range? 

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You guys recommending the DQG must have missed the brightness requirement in the original post. It is bright enough... but it isn't a bright light.

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If you really want the protection factor, would you consider getting a strobe? Or even a bear spray? Not the most romantic gift, but really says that you want her safe.

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Well to get really blinding bright in a small form factor, you pretty much need to go li-ion. Would you be comfortable having your girlfriend handling something like that? If not, maybe you should be looking at cr123 lights if you want maximum brightness in a tiny package.

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I was just kind of kidding around about protection. I guess that's a factor, but defensively it's more of an awareness thing or seeing what's in the dark  than it is actually blinding or disorienting an attacker. 

For that I would look at something like this:

and I'm considering it. She's concerned about spraying OC on herself, but this looks fairly simple.