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Hi there

Maybe it's a bit stupid to just ask ask ask, about the cheapest things we can get in this world and never introduce myself properly... So here we go:

Name is Jos, but you can use my nickname too without a problem ;-). I'm from the Netherlands, 24 (almost 25) years old. I've done a education (I'm bachelor of communication and multimedia design) and worked for 4 months. Ain't got a job now (and searching) but still like to get the things I need (or think I need while I would probably not use them for a while...). I've used my mini maglite (2 AAA) for over 10 years. Tried it again one week ago, but it turned out to be broken... That's when I started searching for a new light. I've had a Romisen RC G2 for over 4 months now and I love that little light. Cheap, but very bright. So my search began with these chinese sites. Tried to find some good reviews about lights and found out about 'that other site'. Didn't like the people there (nor that annoying you are under 3 posts banner... I hate these) and that's when I got here. I already asked a lot of questions around here but you guys / girls really helped me out a lot!

I don't know much about flashlights, nor batteries or chargers., as you've probably found out already. But I always like to learn new stuff. I've worked a lot with video / audio and always loved to know a little more about light. Well, I got a 'self made vacation' of 3 weeks so I hope to find out a lot more :D. After that I got to find a new job (which might be / is pretty hard these days.)

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Welcome to BLF! Ask anything you need. Here you can always find an "expert"!

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Welcome to the forum vertigo! There is only one bad question, the one that went unasked.

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Welcome to BLF! That Romisen you have is a good light, but it's been out since about 2008. I think if you buy a modern light you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better they have gotten in the last 3 years. When I say better I mean light output for the money. The quality hasn't changed a whole lot. If you plan to buy more lights you will also want to consider the battery types. What I mean is it is more simple if you own several lights that use the same battery type rather than having five lights that use five different types of batteries. Just something to think about.

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We're glad to have you here on BLF, and we're glad that you've found the site useful so far. Cheers!

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Welcome to the boards, read and catch up on postings, but most of all enjoy your stay here.Laughing

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Welccome to BLF vertigo3 and anikaN. Don't be afraid to ask anything, that is what we are here for.

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Aloha and welcome to BLF vertigo3 and anikaN!


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Haven't I seen you before??? Ahh that's right, I have! Smile

Welcome flashman, welcome.

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Have you seen me before?! Huh? Silly

fishmaniac wrote:

Haven't I seen you before??? Ahh that's right, I have! Smile

Welcome flashman, welcome.